Puttur: Theft of Cash and Laptop in Kumbra Mosque during Namaaz Prayers

Puttur: A case of theft in a mosque at the Karnataka Islamic Centre in Kumbra on Dec 7 evening has shocked the ‘dars’ students and the management.

In a complaint to the rural police station at Sampya near here, Centre manager Hussein Darimi Renjaladi has stated that the students taking religious lessons in the mosque had arrived for their namaaz prayers in the evening.

Making use of the opportunity, a miscreant is said to have entered the room above the mosque.

Using a steel bar, he broke open a cupboard and took away a laptop, Rs 30,000 and some new clothes. The theft came to the notice of the students when they returned to the room to collect their belongings.

The students had spotted a stranger some time earlier but they did not expect that he had come with an evil intention. As he was not found anywhere around thereafter, he alone is thought to have done the act.

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