Puttur: To ‘Avert’ Vigilante Attack, Police Round up Devotees from Prayerhouse

Puttur: To usher in the New Year, a prayer service had been arranged in the Believers’ church in Jodukatte, Bannur on the outskirts on the eve on Thursday, Dec 31.

Over fifteen persons, said to be migrant workers currently living in Perne, Salmara, Bannur and Badagannur had gathered for the prayer session. A group of Hindu outfit workers assembled outside the church, alleging that religious conversion was being indulged in.

They were planning to conduct a ‘raid’ on the church, according to eyewitnesses. But since the main gate was locked, they could not enter. The police arrived on the scene and took those inside the church into custody to make an inquiry.

The cops only dispersed the crowd outside the gate but did not take action against them for disturbing public peace. The organizers of the programme has asserted that there was no attempt to proselyte anyone. Those taken into custody were released sometime later.

The church authotities were summoned to the police station on Friday and certain instructions were conveyed. In future, before holding any programmes, the police had to be informed. During the prayers, locals should be given preference, they reportedly told the organizers.

Many citizens have expressed surprise over the police action who took action against persons who were offering prayers on private premises. They let the trouble-makers who had gathered go scot-free, they said.

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  1. This is the handiwork of some of our own misguided catholic friends. There are many non-catholic denominations and they hold prayers in their own way. There is no conversion or illegal activity going on here, just some well intentioned prayer. For people whose sense of prayer is standing outside the church and going to the nearest bar after mass, these people are infidels and they tip off the police.

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