Puttur: Tragedy on Birthday – Schoolboy of 14 Knocked Down by Lorry while Crossing Road

Puttur: It was 14-year-old Suhan’s birthday. He told his parents that before celebrating his birthday, he wanted to play in a kabaddi match that had been organized at Kavu. He also told them he was going to return home with a prize.


But the fate willed otherwise. Son of Narayana Kulal of Kaudichar and VIII standard student at the Government High School in Papemajalu, took a bus from home with a few friends to take part in the Krishna Janmashthami sports event being held in the Kavu temple vicinity.

He and a few friends took a bus and got down near the temple. While trying to cross the road, a lorry which was in the process of overtaking the bus knocked him down. The lorry was a high speed, said eyewitnesses. Two other boys who were with Suhan, escaped without injuries.

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