Puttur: Two Runaway Teens from Bengaluru Rescued and Sent back with Parents

Puttur: Two teenagers from Bengaluru who left home without informing the parents and landed in Nellyadi were lucky enough not to have got into wrong hands.

Two young boys were looking for jobs in a restaurant owned by George. He grew suspicious and called them aside and counselled them. After much persuasion they revealed their names as Ravi Kumar (14), son of Malleshi and Chetan (13), son of Manjunath, both hailing from Doddabidirakallu of Tippenahalli near Bengaluru.

They had no interest in studies and hence had run away from home. They boarded a sand transport lorry and got down in Nellyadi looking for employment, they told George.

He informed the police, who, after consulting their seniors, took custody of the boys. Their parents were contacted with the help of the addresses given by the duo. When they arrived, the boys were handed to their custody to be taken back to Bengaluru.

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