Puttur: Vijaya Bank Employee Hariprasad Rai Dies of Suspected Rat Fever

Puttur: Hariprasad Rai (36), a resident of Hosajal in Enmoor village and an employee of Vijaya Bank in Savanoor, died of rat fever in a private hospital in Mangaluru.

He had been admitted to a private hospital in Puttur when symptoms like kidney problem and high fever were detected. Then he was taken to Mangaluru for advanced treatment. But he succumbed to the ailment.

The doctors at the hospital have confirmed that it was a case of rat fever.

More on rat fever

Leptospirosis or rat fever can spread from person to person. It is found among rodents and wild animals. Since it is a water-borne disease, contaminated water can communicate the organisms when used to wash face and hands, through minute injuries or spores. Its common symptoms are headache, bodyache and fever.

Medicine is available in government hospitals. Treatment can be difficult once the conditions worsens. Hence immediate medical attention is recommended once the symptoms show up.

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