Rahul tweets picture of his at conference in the US

New Delhi (PTI): Amid speculation by BJP about his whereabouts, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today tweeted a picture of his attending the Aspen conference in the US.


The tweet in his official Twitter handle @OfficeOfRG read, “Very interesting discussions on the global economy & the disruptive power of tech at the conference in Aspen.”

Congress leader Milind Deora also tweeted pictures of himself and Rahul with Iceland’s President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson and Rahul’s with former UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband attending International Affairs Conference.
Congress has been insisting that Rahul Gandhi has gone to the US to attend a conference, ‘Weekend with Charlie Rose’ at Aspen Institute in Colorado where eminent personalites from different walks of life like politics, finance, technology, media, medicine, sports gather to deliberate on multiple issues.

BJP has said that ‘Weekend With Charlie Rose’ was held between June 25 and July 4 claiming that Congress was “resorting to falsehood”.


  1. Yes Rahul, you attended the conference, not as a keynote speaker nor as a speaker, but as a ordinary attendee. It is rather disgraceful for a man your stature who aspire to become the PM of the largest democracy and the third largest economy(in terms of PPP) in the world to attend the conference where your presence was not felt.

  2. “the disruptive power of tech…” – Prince while using technology!!

    LOL LOL This guy is something!! Yes – technology is really bad!! The contents and discussions will probably posted on youtube in the coming days. I wonder if our Prince was participating in the discussion OR…just sitting there checking his facebook/twitter pages! LOL Only time will answer!!

  3. I think Rahul should study well while making any statements or talking on any subject. Shortage of Home Work is always there. A leader of his Status should always convince properly for his views. That if not find always. I hope he will do it before next General Election.

  4. “the disruptive power of tech…”

    In this case, disruptive is used in a positive sense. BJP politicians must be really frightened of Rahul if his absence provokes such fear and anxiety.

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