Rape and Murder of Engineering Student in Raichur Shocks Students Fraternity- ACSA

Rape and Murder of Engineering Student in Raichur Shocks Students Fraternity- ACSA

Mangaluru: “The rape and murder of an engineering student in Raichur has shocked the students’ fraternity. The All College Students Association condemns this brutal act. The police department and the Women’s commission has not taken seriously the cases of rape, murder and suicide of students. If the Women’s commission would have taken such cases seriously the Raichur incident would not have happened”, said the State advisor of All College Students Association Dinakar Shetty in a press meet held at Arya Samaj Mandir here on April 20.

Addressing the mediapersons Dinakar Shetty said, “Many students have committed suicide and many girls have been raped but the police have also not taken such cases seriously. If the police co-operate with the victim’s families, they will get the courage to come forward and file cases against the accused. Last year a student had committed suicide and in his death note had mentioned the cause for his action but the police did not take this issue seriously. We the members of ACSA supported the victim’s family but after some time the family too did not show much interest to continue the case and the case was closed. If the President of the Women’s commission would have initiated a higher level investigation in the suicide cases such incidents will not repeat in DK”.

Dinaker further said, “In Raichur, the engineering student was raped, murdered, burnt and then hanged to a tree which is a brutal act. This incident is an insult to the entire state. The government should form a higher level team for a thorough investigation of the case. If the government neglects this incident because of the elections, ACSA will stage protests in the coming days.”

State president of ACSA Ashwith Kottari, District President Ibrahim Bashith, General Secretary Gurudath Malli, Shafi, Astel Lobo and Ashish Urwa were also present.

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