Ravi Shetty Found Dead under Suratkal Flyover..

Ravi Shetty Found Dead under Suratkal Flyover – Address Unknown

Mangaluru: A man aged between 60 and 65 years was found dead under the Suratkal flyover on May 11. He appeared to have collapsed and died and there was no indication of any foul play.

His name is found to be Ravi Shetty, son of Prasanna Shetty. But other details like address are not available. He has a longish face and is 5’11” tall, with medium body line. With wheatish complexion, slightly baldish with white hair.

He has ‘Prem’ tattooed on right arm and has a brown-coloured trousers and long-sleeved shirt of brown and white design on.

His next of kin or relatives can contact the Suratkal police.

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