How do you really enjoy your life? ♪♪

Enjoying your life does not always mean doing what you are fond of doing; in fact when you really do something different that’s what makes you feel the happiest in life. But doing something different does not mean, doing something that is harmful to you or someone else.

These days, many find life boring and indulge in visiting pubs and malls, smoking and drinking, mall-hopping, seeing movies and other meaningless activities, which are not worth it, for they don’t bring any meaning and real value to life.

Instead, when you bring a smile on someone’s face with what you do selflessly, you really feel a lot of joy and happiness comes automatically.

You can help the poor – give clothes to someone who doesn’t have any, help someone to cross the road even if it is not the route you are taking, or you are getting late to go for an important work of yours, take care of a person’s health condition, feed a homeless person with your own hands, give some love and affection and make them feel that they are loved too.

If you are an animal lover, then you can take care of an animal on the streets, or volunteer at dog shelters.

You can pick up the garbage that is on the street and throw it in a bin, without thinking “why should I pick it up, I didn’t throw it there” because with that small deed you are making a really big change around you by keeping your environment clean. You can plant saplings around your neighbourhood and take care of them till they grow into trees. If you are not able to this by yourself, you can enroll into a nature-loving group and participate in their greening drives.

Never give up on the good decisions you have made, even when people around you may not come to you and say that you are really doing a great job. People do observe a lot when you do something useful. The best way to work is not to expect anything from anybody but just keep on doing it, for, the best reward is personal satisfaction. We are enjoying the fruits of hard work of many before us, and it is time to pay it forward with small good deeds, if possible without letting anyone know about them.

We should learn to find happiness within us by making others happy, and thus make each minute of our life truly enjoyable.

Pallavi Dumblekar
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  1. Very interesting and practical advice to be followed to be content and happy in life. The 3rd paragraph of the article ” when you bring a smile on somebody’s face with what you do selflessly, you really feel a lot of joy and happiness comes automatically”, which is the real prescription to be happy in life.

    Personally speaking, from the very early part of my life, I never had any dream to be rich; and cheerfully washed the wounds of the neighbors before going to school; and their smile of joy made me very happy. Even today, when I feel under pressure, I pray to GOD to bring somebody across my life to help them in a smaller way so that I will be blessed with happiness.

    Even though I am a very ordinary person in material possessions of life, someway GOD brought many influential and wealthy people to my life, also so many ordinary and poor people. When I asked one of my friends 25 years back, how many children he has, he replied ” Sam, children are very expensive”; then he made a sound and three big cats came to him and he put them in his lap and told me ” Sam, these are my children”. I was caught up in a confusion for a few minutes thinking, is there any mental disorder with him? I met him a few months back, 73 year old tired person, not at all happy and content in his life. He told me to help him to load some food items in plastic containers in his old truck, I did that cheerfully, then he told me to ride with him. He drove half a mile and stopped the truck under a bridge, then he told me to stay inside the truck. When he got outside, hundreds of doves flew towards him and he was covered with doves which was a surprising show for me. He began to distribute bird’s food to hundreds of doves came from all directions.

    Then he took me around the small city and told me to look at different closed buildings, finally came back and said ” Sam, the only joy of life is to feed the birds, I wish I had none of those buildings”. JESUS said ” Our life is not consisted in the abundance of things we possess” we bring more misery to our lives through hoarding more than what we need day and night and also through swimming in the cesspool of mere pleasures of life; thus destroying the fun and peace of life.

  2. Nice one. At preset I am stationed deep in the desert of Oman. Often a question flash my mind “What is the meaning of life? Birth, education, job, marriage, retire and gone from this world. After reading this article, I am feeling there are more ways to explore to find happiness and meaning of life. Thanks a lot keeping my spirit up.

    • Thanks Mr. Felix and Mr. Mathews, for those encouraging responses to my daughter Pallavi’s article. I am happy that there are many who agree to what she has said.

      Life will be better off when we give up our attachment to materialistic things and instead focus on making others happy with whatever little we can.

  3. Good to see your article and read it. I am amazed at your thinking, very few in this world get such as thoughts at such early age. I felt a very experienced old person speaking with all his/her world experience. Today, indeed people like you are required to get this world out of misery that we have created for ourselves with religion, war, ideologies and what not. God bless. Continue to do what you are doing.

  4. Dear Ms. Pallavi Dumblekar,

    I read your article and I liked it very much. Please write regularly and express your thoughts.

    Different people have different views and opinions of how they should lead their lives. Despite the high growth rate of our economy, the per capita income is just hovering at or around US $ 7,000/- and we have a few extremely rich people at one end of the scale and hundreds of millions are living in poverty and do not know where their next meal will come from. In short, there are acute disparities in wealth, which is not good and fraught with danger, especially when people are hungry, lacking accommodation, opportunities for education and recreational pursuits.

    Nevertheless, most people having inexhaustibe wealth earned legitimately or otherwise, like to lead opulent and ostentatious lifestyle by zipping around in fancy vehciles on substandard Indian roads, living in palatial houses in metroplises like Delhi, Bombay, etc., where every square foot costs mind-boggling sums (depriving needy of housing space, water, electricity, etc.), wearing or using designer or branded goods, eating in fancy restaurants or outlets, inviting countless people for social events, etc. All this they do to impress upon the world the wealth they have. In order to enhance their power and influence, they are goody, goody with politicians and splurge lots of monies in donations, bribes, etc. in order to have them in their back pockets or wallets.

    I like to donate to some poor man whatever little I can offer Though I may not get anything from him, but I am assured that this man will remember me (for giving him a good feed, paying his son’s tuition fees) all his life and pray for my welfare from his heart. I believe in leading a simplle, uncomplicated and low profile life, rather than acting as a flunkey or indulging in boot-licking and interviewing a wealthy man, who has acquired wealth and purchased awards and writing about him in glowing terms (without having done sa background check). Whatever you do for an affluent man, he does not remember simply because countless people give him countless things and since he is living in a materialistic world, he is never happy and hankering for latest gadgets, gizmos, etc. whenever they come in the market in India or abroad in order to keep his status in society and show off his wealth. However, I do not wish to paint all millionaires or billionaires black with the same brush. There are some exceptional personalities like Bill Gates, Rattan Tata, Warren Buffet, Narayana Murthy, Azeem Premji and others, who do lots in charities and lead simple lives considering their enormous wealth.

    I enjoy working on my laptop, surfing the Internet, reading and writing. However, I still remember the celebrities I was privileged to meet. My only regret in life was not meeting Dr. A.P.J. Kalam and Mother Teresa. I am not interested in meeting Indian pliticians, as they are sleazy, rhino-skinned, shameless, disgrace to th human race and rather than serving the people, they seve themselves, their families, their relations and let the country go to the dogs.

    • Despite the high growth rate of our economy, the per capita income is just hovering at or around US $ 7,000/-….. – Mr. Nelson

      Sir, first of all – pl. clarify if you are referring to the following in the context of India.

      1. Is the figure in USD (which i assume is what you meant) the per capita income of India? If so, please provide some references.

      2. The grossly inflated figure above – is it in terms of PPP? (Oh, for the uninitiated – PPP stands for ‘Purchasing Power Parity’).

      3. Whatever your figures stand for – WHY are they are they at odds with figures posted by the Govt AND published religiously by ‘India’s 3rd World Media’ (that is – if our Yumreeki Originaalige RamPai is to be believed).

      Don’t believe me? Well, take a look, sir Nelson:
      New Delhi: India’s per capita income during 2015-16 is likely to grow by 6.2 per cent to Rs 6,452.58 per month, government data showed on Monday.

      “The per capita income in real terms (at 2011-12 prices) during 2015-16 is likely to attain a level of Rs 77,431 as compared to Rs 72,889 for the year 2014-15”, as per the data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

      Also, the per capita net national income during 2015-16 is estimated to be growing at 7.3 per cent to Rs 7,769.25 per month as against Rs 7,239.92 per month in the previous fiscal.

      “The per capita net national income during 2015-16 is estimated to be Rs 93,231, showing a rise of 7.3 per cent, as compared to Rs 86,879 during 2014-15 with the growth rate of 9.4 per cent”, according to the data.
      Oh well, at current rates, a per capita income of 93,231 IRS = USD 1,361.26. So, is it ANYWHERE near that preposterous figure of USD 7,000 as you claim?

      Any rebuttals? Any proof? Over to you, sir.

      And I honestly hope that you won’t allege stuff – like our very much beloved Yumreeki Rampa – stuff such as:

      1. My allegedly rejected Yumreeki Visa.

      2. Murudeshwara Statues

      3. Flatulence…. I mean.. Intolerance in RSS governed Akhanda Bharatha (aka – India)

      4. My alleged stay in O. Rampa’s sasuraal – in Saudi – tending to his flock – his beloved ‘Aadu’s’ -to be specific.
      Well, some SOLID FACTS have been presented to you to mull over, Herr Nelson. Analyze them against whatever you claim. AND, I just hope your ridiculous figure doesn’t stick & writhe like a raw & wriggling mullet down a parched gullet!
      Hope to hear some word about this before I wish you – ‘Guten Morgen, Herr Nelson’. 🙂

      • Mr. Praveen,

        I have erred. As per the latest figures, India’s per capita income is in between US $ 1,600 to US $ 1,700. Through an oversight I have mentioned it as US $ 7,000.

        Please excuse me for this goof up. Alexander Pope said that, “To err is human. To forgive is ddivine.”

        Nelson Lewis

        • Please excuse me for this goof up. Alexander Pope said that, “To err is human. To forgive is divine.” – Mr. Nelson

          Sir, not a problem at all. All of us err at times. I have.. and I do.. and as sure as I’m breathing, I will continue to do so. So, no issues at all. If and whenever I err, I hope somebody will point it out and I will always continue to be gracious enough to accept stuff and be open to correction.

          But then, some others err precisely to the point of fault (case in example – our Yumreeki Pal called Original RampaNNA). In such exemplary cases, erring is the norm instead of being the exception! AND, I’m quite positive that you concluded the same by the way he covers his backside with a tattered copy of the NY Times when he is cornered/erred and brazens it out – JUST like his RSS masters.

          Anyway, he is lying low for the moment. After all, his RSS jokers have been exposed with their agenda and it is ALL out in the open regarding that pathetic ‘sedition’ case against a hapless student.

          Sigh! Our Rampu. 🙁

  5. Well written Pallavi. I totally agree with whatever you have said. The big problem in our India is if you pick up the garbage and throw it in the dust bin people around will laugh at you. Such is the mentality of we Indians.

  6. Dear Ms. Deepa Dumblekar: Your graceful note of thanks is greatly appreciated. Pallavi at this age writing such an article has profound spiritual insight and focusing in life; and indeed the Creator is looking for certain people like her to be used in transforming the society which is caught up in the miserable life of pure materialism.

    Well, another very interesting thing is to read the very familiar and popular names in the comments column like Nelson Lewis-Felix-Gurudath-Praveen and Ramachandra Shetty; we all know each other through writing comments in the Karnataka publications like Mangalorean and Daijiworld; which itself shows that your daughter’s article has caught great attention, also another hidden fact that the society is starving for peace and content in life.

    Sri. Ramachandra Shetty, you are telling an exposed reality and truth of the society ” “The big problem in our India is if you pick up the garbage and throw it in the dust bin people around will laugh at you”, but it is high time that like minded people who are interested in creating a better society must ignore the laugh of the purposeless people of the society.

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