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Feb 12, 2016

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    Cucumber Idli

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    By: Joyce Alvares, Qatar

    This is a favorite breakfast/snack of my daughters. They call it sweet idli. The taste of this idli is similar to the traditional 'thovchyache mandaas'  or 'thekkare adyar'. The recipe itself is slightly modified and made simpler. It does not involve grinding of fresh coconut, instead you need to use desiccated coconut and instant coconut milk powder.


    One and a half cup of boiled rice
    3 cucumbers
    1 cup grated jaggery ( approximately 4 cubes)
    4 tbsps desiccated coconut
    4 tbsps instant coconut milk powder.
    6-8 cardamoms (powdered)

    Clean and wash rice and soak overnight. Skin and dice cucumbers. 

    Grind rice, cucumbers and jaggery into a fine paste. Pour the ground batter into a dish. The batter should not be too thick. Add the desiccated coconut and coconut milk powder. Add salt to taste. 

    Sprinkle with cardamom powder and mix well. Adjust consistency as required. Pour into idli moulds and steam for about 30 minutes.

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    Deepti Singh, India : Can we grate the cucumbers and just toss everything and steam ....rather than grinding everything to a paste??
    Perpetual DSouza, India : Cucumber idlis look YUMMY. now please let us know the recipe for MUTLEE also
    Vinaya John, Bahrain : i add a pinch of eno salt to make this idli a bit soft. thanks for sharing your recipe.
    Sarita Dsouza, USA : Thanks for the recipe. Made the idlis on the night of Aug 14th for breakfast the next morning. what a coincidence when i realised that it was a perfect compliment to the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
    Sylvia D'Souza, UAE: Thanks Joyce, for sharing your recipe, looks tempting and easy to make. Will surely try it soon.
    Tina Miranda, Kuwait: Hey Joyce, one more feather in the cap :) I made the mandaas yesterday and it was sumptuous - i remember mom used to put diced peper and coconut pieces!
    Chelli Silvakelli, India : Joyce, Nice cucumber idli's there...such a treat to the eyes as well! great presentation!!
    Chris Rego, UAE: Hi Joyce,

    Sorry I'm a lil late in commenting but despite the fact that is my fav hangout while on Das, I somehow missed out on your cookery special.

    My mom loves this 'mandas' kinda stuff and I'm +ve that if at all she gets her hands on this recipe, she will definitely try it out.

    Whats next Joyce - Dukramas Dum Biryani? ;)
    Joyce Alvares, Qatar: Thank you All for taking the time to comment on the recipe. And Judy, tiara for what? I am a novice madam, not an expert like Clara or you - so I still need you both to send me recipes so that I can improve my cooking.

    A friend of mine called to check if the batter needed to be kept overnight (for fermentation), and for the benefit of the rest of you, no, the batter does not require fermentation.

    The next time I try this will make sure that I add some cashewnuts.

    And Sudhir, pudina chutney with the sweet cucumber idlis!!!!!!!! I don't think I like the combination. Thanks for the tip anyway :)
    mel tau, Oman: Hi Joyce…the presentation is gr8 and the idlis look yum.
    Me not too fond of sweets…but my MIL’s going to be in town soon…so maybe I could surprise her with this. What say? :)
    Riana Mariel Pinto, Qatar: Thanks Joyce for sharing this recipe. It looks really yummy and well presented. Something new to try for breakfast and also a easy one. Now I know whom I have to call when I need to prepare Mangalorean delicacies.
    Iona Suares, Kuwait: Lovely presentation Joyce, looks yummmmmmmmy, will surely try it out this weekend
    SUDHIR KUMAR, Qatar: Hi Joyce,
    woh this idli is yummy , one of my Favourite , good one joyce .
    cool idli for a hot climate like in middle east .
    This idli also will go great with pudina chatni (kind of fusion taste )
    lovely photos too

    Judith Serrao, UAE: I’ve had the privilege of having this recipe from you earlier…tried it twice and it was a big hit with my hubby. Thanks for sharing. How about the ‘Mutli’ next? I’m sure someday soon we can put a ‘Tiara’ on your head; …the authentic mangy snack maker on MCOM !!! ;);)………….. (drum-rolls please !!).
    Dots Rego, USA : Hi Joyce,

    Cool recipe for breaksfast. No doubt about it. Though, this is new to me, looks very yummy and easy to prepare.

    I will agree with both Austin and Amar; to add chopped nuts and grated fresh coconut and coconut milk respectively.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us Joyce.
    Austin Prabhu, USA : Nice photographs of "Thovshya Sannam" and the recipe. I just finished eating "Thovshya Mandas", which was prepared by my eldest sister Leonilla. Tastes good with cashew nuts in it!! May be we can drop some pieces of cashew nuts or resins and make various designs!
    Wilma Pereira, Bahrain : WOW!!!Joyce it really looks yummy. I do prepare 'mandas' quite often with the same ingredients but with the fresh coconut and adding little raw rice too. Now for a change i can do this. Nice presentation... keep it up!!
    Rajanikanth Shenoy, India : Cool treat there! Nice presentation Joyce.

    We also make cucumber dosa. Both the items taste good with fresh butter!

    A slight variation would be savoury idli by substituting jaggery with salt to taste.
    Clara Fernandes, Kuwait: Heeeeeeee cucumber idli.... weekend breakfast ki thayyari...mandas ko idli banaya kya Joyce :) whateva they look very yummy with their golden color. I must try (mandas in idli form) so that my kids & hubby will eat without saying 'oh no, one more mangi item :('
    Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait: Hi you feature in this segment too.

    I remember having this tekkarey-dha-idli/addey at my maternal aunts. Indeed is a very authentic Mangalorean snack..

    Neat presentation , didnt miss the de-husked coconut and cucumber in the background. Wd it taste better with fresh grated coconut and coconut milk?
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