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Feb 08, 2016

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    Coorgi Pork

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    By: Wilma Pereira, Bahrain

    Coorgi Pork means, a special ethnic dish that is believed to have originated in, and still prepared in, the Coorg District of Karnataka State. Normally it is prepared with the special tamarind sauce (named PULI) that is available in Coorg and in some other parts of Karnataka.  The dish may have been varied a bit while it was taken away to nearby cities like Mangalore or Bangalore, but the original flavour is not lost. And, even if the Coorgi Puli is replaced by the normal tamarind, it still gives an excellent taste.

    Then why not try it? Here is the recipe (please always note that the taste of your tongue will determine how much you should vary the ingredients – for example, if you want to make it hot, you can do so by slightly increasing the black peppers without actually affecting your tummy, as black peppers have several health benefits).

    1kg Pork (low on fat preferably) cut into small cubes     

    Ingredients (for making powder):
    4 tsp coriander seeds
    1 tsp Cumin seeds (Jeera)
    1 tsp black pepper
    1 pinch mustard
    7 cloves
    3" cinnamon
    4 cardamoms
    1 handful curry leaves

    Fry all the above ingredients one by one on a frying pan. On a dry mixer, Make a fine powder using the fried ingredients.
    [Tip: it is better not to fry the Cumin seeds to avoid bitterness of the powder and the dish]

    For preparing a fine paste (grind the following):

    ½ bunch coriander leaves, 4 green chillies, 2" ginger and 4 cloves of garlic

    Also, separately make a tamarind paste using two marble sizes of tamarind.

    Cooking Method:

    Boil meat with salt (as per taste), ¼ tsp turmeric powder and 4 tsp tamarind paste with one cup of water. When it is almost cooked (approximately 15-20 mins on medium fire), add the ground masala and mix it well. After a good boil, add the powdered masala, mix well and keep it on a low fire for sometime till the meat absorbs the masala and becomes dry & thick. (at this stage, you can remove fat which may be visibly floating on top of the vessel). Now you can add more salt or more tamarind paste based on your taste. Your Coorgi pork is now ready.

    Little creativity or innovation adds to taste:

    1) Additionally, you can fry 2 sliced onions in a little (sunflower) oil, to a little brownish colour and mix it with the cooked meat as above to get a more pungent taste.

    2) You can also make Crispy Coorgi Pork, by frying the cooked Coorgi Pork on a flat non stick pan in small quantities, with or without additional (sunflower) oil – a good starter for drinks!

    From: Wilma's Home Delicacies

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    Sunil Sharma , India : Hi wilma
    You have said that the pork should be boiled on medium fire for 15-20 minutes. Please advise whether it should be boiled with the lid closed or not
    Sarith Sukumaran, India : I love you Wilma ( ha ha ha So delicious your recipe is.) I have been an ardent fan of Coorg style of pork preparation for years. My aunt, being married to a Coorgy, gave me the first taste of it. I tasted it a couple of times. But only now I am trying my hands on it. Thank you so much.
    dr varun, India : its beautifully explained and easy to cook
    Asha Nair, India : i have been tring pork and never came out well.. i tried this menu and we all enjoyed the dish... thanks for the mouth watering dish, it came out very tasty and deliciious. keep posting more dishes to help us cook better.
    Ina Karmelita D'Souza, Bahrain : Hi Wilma,

    Thank you for your mouthwatering dish. Shall try over a weekend. Keep sending.
    Francis Dsouza, India : Dear Wilma,

    Nice of you to share your Recipe with us. Shall try out the same as it looks easy and tasty.

    Do you have a cook-book of your own.
    Veelma D'souza.
    Vincent DSouza, Switzerland: This is an excellent dish. Some non-Mangaloreans prefer it to Bafat, Sarpotel etc. You can also get the readymade powder in Mangalore which will save time of making the powder masala in case you are in a hurry...
    Jennifer Lobo, USA : Hi Wilma

    You really have yummy recipes! Thank you for sharing this one. Your useful tips along with the recipe accompanied by the picture makes it more tasty to read!!!!
    Gerard Noronha, India : Dear Wilma,

    Reading the recipe itself made my mouth water endlessly ! Wonder what will happen if I get to taste this yummy dish. Must tell my wife to try it out.

    Your extra tips are also good, which no recipe would normally give.
    Dots Rego, USA : Hi Wilma,

    Your Coorgi Pork curry looks delicious. Want to try next time and will let you know. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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