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Feb 06, 2016

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    Pineapple Owl

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    By: Rosanne D'Souza, USA

    Pineapple is a tropical fruit also called as "Ananas".  It is named as "pineapple" because of its resemblance to a pine cone.

    It bears a  circular cluster of waxy, strap-like leaves serving as its crown on top. When the fruit ripes, the pineapple may be dark green, yellow, orange-yellow or reddish in colour.

    This time i have carved an Owl using 2 Pineapples!


    Cut one pineapple in two halves and carve the eye region as seen in the picture.
    Take another Pineapple and remove the skin from the middle region as shown, to make the Owl's body.
    Place the pineapple's leaf crowns by piercing on both sides as wings.
    Carve the beak and toes out of carrot.
    Place the cherry as eyes

    ....and the Owl is ready to fly!

    Pineapple is commonly used in desserts, Juices and Fruit salads, served on its own or in presentations too!

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    Sylvia D'Souza, UAE: Dear Rose

    Beautiful carving on Pineapple, your owl looks too pretty to eat.

    Way to go.... whats next on the menu :)
    Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait: Hey Rose,

    Great job with ur Owl carving, you sure have a carved a lil niche for yourself too.

    By the way, did Roshan get to eat this Goobey?
    Judith Serrao, UAE: Your 'Flying Owl' carving is very attractive. You have now become an ustaad. Keep it up.
    Shaly Pereira, Oman: Hey Rose...this is my fav. fruit. Love chilled pineapple juice, pineapple upside down cake, tinned pineapple and now pineapple owl;) Delicious carving. Am sure Roshan must have finished it by now;)
    Carol Martis, Kuwait: Hi Rosanne,

    Beautifulllll...... very well decorated, it look like the owl is ready to fly, this is the most beautiful one i found among all your creativity. Well done.... go on...
    mel tau, Oman: Hi Rose....your Pineapple Owl is so chweet and it looks as if its flapping its wings...all ready to fly off!

    Lovely carving...we need more!
    Dots Rego, USA : Dear Rose,

    Bravo!! Your pineapple owl looks great. Very creative and simply superb!! Great skills Rose. Way to go!!
    Renita tellis, India : hey da,

    awesome work...never knew u could do all that..discovered ur hidden talents today..from when did u start carving and all..
    good job...
    keep carving...
    Gerard Noronha, India : Hey, Rosanne, your owl looks good enough to eat !

    Great job. Shows how an imaginative mind can create wonders from simple, day-to-day things
    Cyril Vas, India : Rosanne, are you from the Garden of Eden?! Wow! wonderful creativity.

    Reminds me of my younger days when we had a beautiful garden of pineapples both kaat and kasi.
    Jessie D'Cruz, Kuwait: Creative mind!!
    Beautiful art on fruits!
    Jeevan Pinto, USA : Great Job!

    I admire your talents. Keep up the good work.

    Jennifer Lobo, USA : Wow Rosanne!!

    This is awesome piece of work. You like Judith have a sharp hand i mean knife in hand to carve this beautiful stuff! :) Hmm, Roshan is lucky!

    More please....
    Austin Prabhu, USA : Rosanne, that was a wonderful creation.

    Now I know how God created Adam and Eve!
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