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Feb 07, 2016

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    Easy Chicken Biryani

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    By: Judith Serrao, UAE

    (To serve 8: Approx 1 Kg. Rice and 1.5 Kg. Chicken)

    For grinding:
    1 big bunch coriander leaves
    few tender leaves  of pudhina
    8/9 green chillies
    1.5  big tbsp of bafat powder
    4-5" ginger
    1.5 big pod of garlic
    1 onion

    Powder fine the following in dry grinder:

    Cinnamon – 5-6"
    Cloves  - 12-15
    Cardamom –12-15
    Pepper corns – 1 tbl spoon
    Jeera – 3 tsps
    coriander –1 tsp
    Shahjeera / badeshep – 3/4 tsp

    Slice  10-12 onions.  Fry till crisp & golden brown,  remove and keep aside.  In the same vessel (leave a few onions behind), add 2 bay leaves, 3-4 cloves, 3-4 cardamoms , 2” stick of cinnamon.   Then add 3-4 tomatoes and fry till the tomatoes become a paste.  Add the masala and fry for 10-15 minutes.  Add chicken pieces and 1 cup curds. Fry till you see that all the curds has been incorporated into the masala and you see that the oil & masala are separating.  Add salt and put very little water and make a very thickish gravy. Simmer and after chicken is cooked keep aside.

    For Rice:

    3  glasses rice – long grain basmati  ( say approx 1 Kg)
    5 and 1/4 glasses  water   (Water content should always be double of rice – less ¾ glass)
    2 soup cubes
    1 onion

    Boil 5-1/4 glasses of water and add 2 soup cubes.  In a non-stick vessel,  add butter, then fry few cashewnuts  and almonds and remove.  Then add few cardamoms and fry the onion till golden.  Then add the rice and fry till the grains are separate.  Add salt to taste, a tblsp of sugar, juice of 1 lemon.  Pour the boiling water/soup in the vessel and let it simmer on slow fire till the rice is done. 

    Keep ready golden brown onions,  juice of 2 lemons,  fried cashew nuts & almonds, chopped coriander leaves, chicken masala &  little zaffran dissolved in milk.

    Arrange in a vessel-  layer of rice, sprinkle with zaffran, fried onions, fried nuts,  lemon juice, chicken masala & coriander leaves.  Continue making layers and ensure that the topmost  layer is rice.   Simmer in a hot oven for 15-20 minutes. 

    Dish out in a large platter,   garnish with remaining friend onions,  coriander leaves and remaining fried nuts.  To be eaten piping hot and as an accompaniment, serve curd/cucumber /tomato raitha.

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    Shaly Pereira, Oman: Hey Judy...don't know how easy this is to prepare but sure looks easy to finish off;) I can see the artistic touch in your recipis too. Literally 'looks good enough to eat'. Taste karne ke liye mera number kab aayega??:(
    Amarnath Bantwal, Kuwait: Hi Judy,

    Having seen it all in a city that claims to know everything about Biriyani- Hyderabad; my ears perk up every time at the mention of Biriyani. Thanks Hyderabad and thank you Judy for tickling my epicurean senses to life.

    A gift of the persians, the word Biriyani is derived from 'birian' which translates as 'fry before cooking'.

    The famed double-masala Biriyani for the masses at Paradise (A three storied restaurant complex in downtown Secunderabad) or the fried-onion laden one at Bawarchi's...saffron rich Dum Biriyani at the Dum-pukht (Sheraton Kakatiya)- Hyderabads Nawabi kitchens serve them all with aplomb. Did you folks know Hyderabad even serves the famous Midnight I have fellow mangaloreans screaming Bombay Lucky in Bunder serves this too?

    Judy, Biriyani also is served with Mirchi ka salan (a hot and sour gravy made of tomato n chillies); raitha is seemingly a mangalorean variant. You forgot to mention down it with a chilled glass of COKE.

    Ashley Alvares, USA : Dear Judy -
    I always knew that your Mom was an excellent cook (as I still remember some of her pilaf preparations and cutlets during one of the functions at Kalina). I must say, just seeing this picture, I can already smell the sweet aroma of the biryani... Mmmmmmmm !!!
    Also hats off to your creativity in other areas.

    You are truly a very gifted individual.
    Dalia Lobo, Canada : Your presentation of Biriyaani looks very neat. I can assume this will be a good recipe to try. Thank you for posting it with the picture.

    Dots Rego, USA : Hey Judy,

    Culinary is an art too! Well presented and looks yummy!! I'm going to try this recipe Judy. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Sylvia D'Souza, UAE: Hey Judy

    That looks yum....

    Biryani and I could drool... I must say you are a lady with varied talents.

    Happy cooking and feasting.....
    Carol Martis, Kuwait: Hi Judith,

    Ur biranyi looks tempting.... I try chicken birani and it never comes out good, but mutton comes very good, let me try ur receipe and i will let u know. Well decorated biryani..good.... oh I am hungry now.....
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