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Feb 13, 2016
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Make your Valentine’s Day a little more sweeter by trying the sweet treats made specially for you by "Bring On The Chef In You". Cut the ladyfinger biscuits into half and arrange them around the inside of a shallow spring form pan. Set aside
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    Posted By: Angeline D'Silva

    1-cup semolina (rava)
    ¾ cups sugar
    ¾ cups ghee
    A few cashew nuts
    A few raisins
    5 cardamom seeds
    2 cups water
    A pinch of yellow food colour
    Salt to taste


    In a wok add ghee and fry cashew nuts and raisins. Add semolina (rava) and fry until you get a nice aroma. Add sugar, powdered cardamom seeds, salt and colour. Add water, ghee or butter and keep stirring, don’t let it stick to the wok. When it comes out of the wok it is ready to move it to a serving dish, which is, greased with ghee and flatten it. You can cut it into diamond shape and serve it hot or cold.

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