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Feb 05, 2016
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Make your Valentine’s Day a little more sweeter by trying the sweet treats made specially for you by "Bring On The Chef In You". Cut the ladyfinger biscuits into half and arrange them around the inside of a shallow spring form pan. Set aside
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    Moong Dal Kheer (Payasam) Print this Recipe  Send this recipe to a friend
    Posted By: sujata M.K.

    Ingredients :

    1/4 kg. Moong dal 1 Coconut 5 tbs Sabudana 1/2 cup Rawa Jaggery Sugar Ghee 1 spoon Cashews Almonds Raisins 1 tsp.Cardamom Powder Salt Method : Wash & soak moongdal in 1 cup water for 5 minutes. Wash and soak sabudana/raisins separately for about 15 minutes. Grate 1 coconut and grind finely with 1 cup water. Squeeze out the thick coconut milk and keep aside. Again add little water to the residue and grind. Squeeze out the thin milk. Add this thin milk to the moongdal and cook on slow gas and stirr constantly. When boiled, add jaggery and little sugar (as per taste) and then add sabudana into it and stirr constantly till sabudana is cooked. Mix Rawa in thick coconut milk and and pour it to the moongdal mixture and boil. Add soaked raisins, Cardamom powder & little salt as per taste. Roast cashews and almond pieces in one spoon ghee and add it to kheer. Serve hot.


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