Refugees flee from police in Denmark  

Copenhagen, Sep 7 (IANS) A large group of refugees reportedly trying to get to Sweden from Germany fled from police when their train stopped in the Danish port town of Rodby, the media reported.

According to police, a train carrying around 75 refugees from Germany arrived at Rodby station on Sunday evening. The refugees were given food and drink at the station and were waiting in the arrival hall when another train carrying around 100 more refugees arrived an hour later, The Local news portal reported.

After the arrival of the second train, unrest spread through the station and a majority of the assembled refugees decided to flee through the surrounding fields.

Police estimate that over 100 refugees fled the station. Later at night, police reported that most of them had been found and returned to the station.

The majority of the registered refugees are from Syria but there were also Iraqis and Africans among the group.

According to authorities, many of those who ran from the police had purchased a train ticket to Sweden. Others have opted to seek asylum in Denmark.

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