Rejected Atletico offer to buy Sandro: Porto president

Porto (Portugal) (IANS) Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa has rejected an offer by Spanish football club Atletico Madrid over the summer to buy Brazilian defender Alex Sandro for 30 million euros.

Pinto da Costa justified his decision on Tuesday by the high-priced termination clause of 50 million euros as well as the refusal of Atletico to sell Spanish midfielder Oliver Torres Munoz, reports Efe.

The Porto president explained that he told players who want to go to Madrid could leave and players who want to join Porto could come.

Da Costa pointed out that Oliver wanted to join the Portuguese side and talked to his coach about it almost every day, but the Spanish side did not let him go.

The young Spanish midfielder, who played with the ‘Dragons’ on loan last year, was offered by Atletico Madrid to join the Portuguese side within the transfer of Colombian Jackson Martinez, but Argentine coach Simeone refused the deal, Costa said.

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