Release GRD Chief Satish Kumar and Protect Cows – HJS

Release GRD Chief Satish Kumar and Protect Cows – HJS

Mangaluru: The convener of Hindu Janajagrati Samiti, in his press release, said, “The people who are slaughtering cows are free and the cow protectors are being punished which is like a death sentence to the Sanyasi and freedom to thieves”. The recent arrest of Gau Raksha Dal Cheif Satish Kumar is an injustice to the Gau Rakshak’s. The government is playing with the sentiments of the Hindu’s in India which is an insult. The government should review the decision and should not have differences with the Gau Rakshaks. If the government does not withdraw its decision of arresting Gau Rakshaks we will support them and a nationwide agitation will be held”.

“In India, we have our own government, but the government has not put any restrictions on illegal cow slaughter nor on the cow traffickers. During the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP government had assured to stop the pink revolution but after BJP came to power the export of Beef has increased. The police are not taking any action against the cow traffickers and those who slaughter cows illegally but are taking action against those who protect cows. Police are filing false cases against the cow protectors. It is sad that the BJP government is unable to put an end to illegal cow slaughtering and cow trafficking”.

“Cow gives milk not vote”, likewise, the government is doing injustice with the cow protectors by taking action against them. The government should respect the sentiments of the Hindus and withdraw all the cases against Satish Kumar and release him. The government should also take measures to protect the cows”.

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