‘Respecting People of All Religions is True Hindutva’ – Mithun Rai

‘Respecting People of All Religions is True Hindutva’ – Mithun Rai

Beltangady: “Respecting people of all religions is true Hindutva. We should not use anyone for political gain in the name of Hindutva. We need to respect everyone equally whoever they are and whichever religion they belong to”, said the MP candidate for Dakshina Kannada Mithun Rai during the election campaign in Kokkada here on April 8.

During the campaign in Kokkada, addressing the gathering Mithun Rai said, “We should not create communal disturbances in the name of Hindutva and be responsible for the death of innocent people. My philosophy is not to misuse the youth in the name of Hindutva for our political gain. Any member of the Congress, BJP, SDPI, Communist or any party should not lose his life because of Hindutva. Political leaders sometimes create misunderstandings between communities in the name of religion and the innocent youth die. Hindu Dharma teaches us to love the people of other religions and not to hate anyone.”

Mithun Rai further said, “Anyone supporting any political party should not die for political reasons. Those who are killed during communal violence are innocent youth or party workers. We do not need enmity in politics. There is an opportunity for the total development of the district. We need to create jobs for the educated youth of our district since most of them after completing their education leave their old parents and go to other states or countries in search of jobs. We need to create jobs so that our youth can stay with their parents and lead a happy life. If I win the LS polls, I will try my best to create more jobs in DK.

Prior to the campaign Mithun Rai visited the Mahaganapati Temple in Sauthadka and offered prayers.

District Congress President Harish Kumar, Former minister Gangadhar Gowda, Vasanth Bangera and local Congress leaders were also present.