Robbie Williams wins battle against Jimmy Page

Robbie Williams wins battle against Jimmy Page

London, Sep 28 (IANS) Singer Robbie Williams has won the battle over his refurbishment plans against band Led Zeppelin’s singer Jimmy Page.

The 42-year-old had a tiff with the rock band’s guitarist three years ago when he first moved into his Holland Park estate in West London in 2013. He is pleased that he can boast that he came to loggerheads with the star over his plans to renovate his home, but came out on top despite his neighbour’s repeated attempts to prevent further expansion, reports

“I win. Did he win? I don’t know if there are any winners necessarily,” Williams told The Sun newspaper.

“I do know it makes a great story and I’m really pleased, just for me in general for the rest of my life. I’m really pleased it’s Jimmy Page and not Jimmy the accountant.

“It’s actually Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and it’s a wonderful story to have in your back pocket – about, you know, the neighbour that doesn’t want to help you out,” he added.

Although the “Angels” hitmaker, who has four-year-old daughter Theodora and 23-month-old son Charlton with his wife Ayda Field, has met Page a couple of times few years ago and had previously admired the star, he doesn’t count the “Stairway to heaven” singer as his friend.

“I don’t think we’re friends, no. I don’t know Jimmy Page. We met briefly a couple of times but it was years ago, in passing, and I was in reverence of the great Jimmy Page,” Williams said.

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