Robert Mugabe – Zimbabwe’s dictator

""The entire African continent consists of around 50,000 races.? There are amongst these races, a significant percentage that are totally isolated to the outside world due to their paranoia or geographical barriers, lack of education or being hostile to anyone outside their tribes or from the outside world.? Then there are races, especially in the Saharan regions that are nomadic.? It is just amazing and incredible to learn about these races and also learn that the world?s tallest (Tutsis) and shortest (Pygmies) are found on this continent.????

When it was the time for British, Dutch, French, Italian and other colonizers to leave, they carved out territories by clubbing certain tribes in defined borders called countries.? However, they did not realize that some of these tribes would keep on perpetually fighting and getting at each others throats to cause perpetual bloodshed, rather than uniting to propel their newly independent countries in achieving all round prosperity.

The progress achieved by any country is not necessarily dependent on its resources, but the quality of governance, industriousness, honesty, existence of educational institutions, infrastructure, intellect and commitment of the people.? Otherwise, countries like Sudan, Congo, Nigeria, Mozambique, etc. should have been very rich, because they have immense resources.? By the same yardstick, countries like Japan, Singapore, etc. should have been very poor, because they do not have any resources and have to depend on imports.? In case of Germany and Japan, they were virtually devastated and obliterated during the World War II.? Nevertheless, today they are prosperous countries or territories, irrespective of massive injection of international funds immediately after the end of the World War II for a given number of years.?

Except for the countries in the Saharan region in the north and to a certain extent to the regions of the Kalahari deserts in the south, virtually a greater portion of this amazing landmass called the "dark continent" is verdant, has immense resources, i.e. mineral wealth, agriculture, fish and marine life teeming at its coasts and major rivers, precious and semi-precious stones (and petrol in the case of Nigeria) and so on and so forth.? Sadly, most of their governments, politicians, bureaucrats, etc. are totally power hungry and corrupt to the core and are only concerned by amassing wealth through devious and crooked means, rather than being concerned about the people they are supposed to rule and serve and being patriotic to their countries and trying to make them prosperous and self-sufficient.? Further, Africans males, especially at the bottom economic strata, are indolent and take life as it comes, instead of being industriousness enough to bring about a positive change and their women folk slog and feed them and their families.

""Presently day Zimbabwe was a white-minority ruled nation under Ian Smith?s Rhodesia.? Ian Smith was born in Rhodesia and had a distinguished career as a fighter pilot in the Royal Air Force.? Thereafter, due to international sanctions and other economic constraints, Ian Smith had to negotiate with the blacks (who formed the majority in erstwhile Rhodesia or present day Zimbabwe) under the British brokered peace talks and agreed to hand over power to their representatives.

As soon as a government with black majority was formed, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, became the Prime Minister in 1980 and he changed the erstwhile Rhodesia?s name to Zimbabwe and the capital Salisbury?s name to Harare.? Mugabe remained as the Prime Minister from 1980 to 1987 and became its first executive head of the country from 1989.? Under Mugabe Zimbabwe, a once prosperous country that was hitherto called the bread basket of South Africa, has deteriorated beyond imagination and there is massive unemployment, unimaginable inflation and the Zimbabwean currency is totally worthless.? It is farcical, but a fact, that everyone holding Zimbabwean currency, including the very poor, are millionaires.

Believe me, Robert Mugabe is an amazing personality and one just cannot explain this man?s bizarre behavior.? On one hand, with his education, he should have been a successful leader, who could (or should) have propelled his nation into a land of prosperity.? This man has seven degrees, forget the honorary degrees that he has been bestowed by various universities.

In short, this man is very power hungry, greedy, totally corrupt and blind and does not realize that the people are fed up with him and would not shed a tear if he dies, relinquishes power or his end comes in the most disastrous way.

Robert Mugabe married Sarah Francesca Hayfron, popularly known as Sally Mugabe, in April 1961 in Salisbury (present day Harare).? During those days of freedom struggle, she was very popular with the Africans of Rhodesia (present day Zimbabwe) and they called her "mother".? She was originally a Ghanaian national (and not Rhodesian or Zimbabwean) and died on 27/01/2993 from kidney failure.? History will judge her kindly and in positive light.

His second wife, Ms. Grace Mugabe, was born on 23/07/1965, was previously married to Stanley Goreraza, a Zimbabwean Air Force pilot,? She started her career as a Secretary to Mugabe and was his mistress and they got married in 1996.? Sally Mugabe was very popular, but Grace Mugabe is totally unpopular with their people.

When Robert Mugabe started snatching lands from the white farmers, who had been doing farming since many decades, his wife, Grace Mugbe, personally toured farming estates to select suitable farms left by white farmers for her and her family.? She ultimately chose the Iron Mask Farm, that was owned by John (78 years) and Eva Matthews (74 years), who owned thousands of acres built up over the last quarter of a century.? They were given no other option but just 48 hours to quit.? They had no other option, but were forced to go to South Africa to live with their daughter.? The irresponsible actions of the Mugabes and their goons, left many of the prosperous white farmers in dire straits and their employees without employment and sources of livelihood.? However, it is learnt that certain African countries invited these white farmers and gave them lands to develop farms from a scratch.? So, Zimbabwe?s loss was other countries? gains, because these white farmers are hardworking, intelligent and persevering and capable of making contributions to the economies of the countries were they chose to reside and set up their enterprises.????

""In fact, the prime land that was tilled by white farmers, who had converted their country into the bread basket for South Africa by producing grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. in surplus, has been forcibly seized and distributed by Robert Mugabe and his second wife, Grace Mugabe between themselves, their friends and cronies and certainly not the common Zimbabweans.??

Though, most Zimbabweans are starving are not able to even get basic necessities of life, Robert Mugabe and Grace Mugabe go on foreign jaunts and trips and on shopping sprees.? Robert Mugabe is like Emperor Niro, who played his fiddle while Rome burned and Sally Mugabe is the Imelda Marcos of Zimbabwe.

This man is rotten to the core and a bully, who has threatened and murdered people and opponents.? It is surprising that Zimbabweans are a patient lot to undergo immense sacrifices and hardships under this despot, who blames the U.K. and the West for his country?s ills, rather than admitting his incompetence and corruption for her woes.? In most countries, there would have been uprising and this man would have been forced to relinquish power and run away to some foreign land or met his end like many dictators and despots.

Robert Mugabe, Africa?s dictator with a tooth brush moustache, would have relinquished power long ago, had the elder statesmen of Africa told him that he had enough time at the helm and it is high time for him to quit gracefully by handing over powers to a worthy successor elected by the people and enjoy his twilight in peace and harmony.? However, most of the elder statesmen with voices are members of the "Old Cronies Club" with vested interests.? They are all comrades in arms with the attitude, "you scratch my back and I scratch yours."

Author: Nelson Lewis- Bahrain