Rohan D’Souza ‘Player of the Week’ in ongoing Tournament at Cincinnati

Rohan D’Souza ‘Player of the Week’ in ongoing Tournament at Cincinnati

Often in life, we face adverse situations and think that we don’t have it in us to achieve our goals. However, what we often forget is that nothing is impossible in this world. Sports can change an individuals life.

USA: Rohan, Sycamore Varsity Gold Team player has been nominated “Player of the Week”. Mike Teets, Coach said; “Rohan collected big wins for Sycamore School. Rohan has been very focused and is using his fantastic serves. He has displayed quick hands at the net and he is also working hard on his baseline consistency and is showing tremendous overall improvement! Great job Rohan!”.


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“Cool, compassionate and confident is my son in life”, says Dancy his proud mother. Rohan in his passion for tennis has excelled from Junior Varisty to Green and now to Gold Team at Sycamore High School.

Harold says: “Sports is like facing a storm with a smile and to sail through it with sacrifice, surprises, struggle and success. It will shape and sharpen Rohan’s skills to be a stronger person. It’s all in the mind”.

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Rohan 17, a senior at Sycamore High School is the son of Harold and Dancy D’Souza.

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