Roshini Nilaya MSW Students learn about Alzheimer’s from MAA Founder, Jerardin D’Souza

Roshini Nilaya MSW Students learn about Alzheimer’s from MAA Founder, Jerardin D’Souza

Mangaluru: The World Alzheimer’s Month which was launched with great assembly at Kadri Park on September 1st, was given impetus by Jerardin D’Souza, Founder MAA, Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association by addressing the Roshini Nilaya MSW Students and creating Alzheimer’s Awareness, at the College auditorium on Saturday, 3 September 2016.

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“I am going to milk the cows, says my friend’s mother at 4:00 am “They have sold their village property and moved to the city and are living in a flat. “Don’t shout at her and tell that there are no cows in the flat, instead tell her that someone else has gone to milk and you please sleep “We should not disagree or argue with an Alzheimer’s sufferer, said Jerardin, explaining the various types of Dementia and the way to take care of the sufferers using a PPT.

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Among the many types of dementia, Alzheimer’s is around 60 to 70 %, caregiving becomes the main area of approach, as the medical field has not yet found a cure for this family shattering affliction, said D’Souza. The various behavior changes that occur in an affected person and the manner in which we should care for them was explained. There was tremendous interest among the students and lot of questions were also answered.

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Sushmitha welcomed, Fr Prince introduced and Fr Sajan thanked Jerardin D’Souza. This Alzheimer’s awareness Campaign is a part of the effort of PAGE – Peoples Association for Geriatric Empowerment. The month-long activities will have a high point on World Alzheimer’s Day September 21st at Town Hall, Mangaluru. Dr Olinda Pereira is the President and Dr Prabha Adhikari, Vice President of PAGE, which has around 15 organizations with it.

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