RSS ruined ethos of Constitution by depriving Dalits Key Positions – Mattu

RSS ruined ethos of Constitution by depriving Dalits and backward classes Key Positions – Dinesh Amin Mattu

Udupi: “The RSS has ruined the ethos of the Indian Constitution by depriving the Dalits and backward classes with key positions. It is evident from the fact that RSS has not promoted the Dalits or backward classes to key positions in the RSS cadre”, said Intellectual, Social Activist and Renowned journalist Dinesh Amin Mattu.

He was speaking, presiding the programme organized by Sahabalve at the Kalsanka Royal Grounds here on March 17.

Tolerance is in the ethos of the coastal districts. People of different religions lived in harmony spreading the message of peace across the nation. But the recent developments have ruined the social fabric of the coastal districts. Deliberate attempts are made to impose one particular religion and promote RSS ideology.

Hinduism has survived for long because of many saints, poets and social reformers who constantly carried out reforms addressing the caste-based discrimination. The communal groups who never talk of this discrimination are the true anti-Hindus.

Mattu stressed the need for convincing people against communal forces. “Communalism is against the Constitution, backward classes, Dalits and also development. We need to tell the people about this. In the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, we should vote to save the constitution”, he said.

Society is ruined by people who say people who consume meat cannot enter Temples while the deities in coastal Karnataka are offered sacrifices in the form of meat. People should be alerted on the political stunts in the name of Ram Mandir.

Our nation is our home, attempts are made to set fire to our home. In the coming elections, masked politicians with a vicious agenda should be replaced with real faces to uphold the integrity of the Constitution.

The senior among the Swamijis, Shree Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji should profess the actual meaning of Hindutva. Supporting a political party is not following the Hindu religion, he should strive to look at people equally, he added.

Sidda Kabira Swamiji of Kalburgi Murulunkankara Temple after inaugurating the programme said that living in harmony itself is a great religion, we should uplift the downtrodden and spread the message of peace.

We should bring social revolution through Saffron and not ruin the society with hate. Our nation which should be a nation of social prosperity has now become a place for murderers and people who do not respect freedom of speech and expression. The choice of food should be left to the people to decide, he added.

Fr Chetan Lobo Editor of Uzvaad magazine of Udupi Diocese, said that the addiction of religion is destroying humanity. Divinity has become a matter of publicity; love compassion and forgiveness have become a matter of lip service. The people with dissent are termed as anti-nationals. India is witnessing bias of a community on the issue of conversion and love jihad. We should open our eyes and cast our vote, he added.

Mahendra Kumar, former state convener of Bajrang Dal said that RSS is more of a anti-Dalit than anti-Muslim as it does not wok against Muslims, The agenda of the RSS was to create a world filled with illusion. Youths are being used by the organisation for the benefit of a few.

“People from backward classes are used as pawns by the Sangh Parivar. RSS provokes the youth from poor and backward communities to trigger unrest. Though I had worked with them earlier, I realised my mistake later years,” he said.

He said there was a need to bring changes in the society, otherwise, the country would not remain as it was before.

Calling upon the Congress leaders to strengthen their base, Kumar said that people are looking for an alternative at the national level.

In his welcome speech, Amrith Shenoy president of Sahablave Udupi said, “We want to retain and enrich the legacy of the cordial relationship among people from different castes and religions in the coastal region.

“There is a constructive mechanism being played out to spoil the humane approaches in the society. Everything is being looked out from the viewpoint of community and religion. This approach has weakened the idea of India. So to uphold the Constitution of this country, this convention is being organised,” he said.

Social Activist Mahendra Kumar, JD(S) leader Y S V Datta, Columnist Shivasundar, Dalit Thinker Indhudhara Honnapura, Journalist Abdulsalam Puttige, former chairman of Council V R Sudharshan, JD(S) Udupi district president Yogish Shetty, Congress district president Ashok Kumar Kodavoor, Thinker G Rajeshekar, Catholic Sabha president Alwyn Quadros, Catholic Stri Sanghatan Udupi Diocese president Janet Barboza, other leaders Prashanth Jattanna, Anitha D’Souza, Shekhar Hejamadi, Bogra Koraga, Putran, Balakrishna Shetty and others were present.

Alwyn Danthi, Veronica Cornelio, Dr Sunitha Shetty compared the programme.

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