Rynal and Eunice winners of KSCB King and Queen

Rynal and Eunice winners of KSC-Bahrain Youth King and Queen Contest

Manama: Karnataka Social Club-Bahrain held its Youth King and Queen Contest at its Manama premises on May 19. The event started with a Bollywood fusion dance by the teenagers of the club. This was followed by a pre-teen group dance that enchanted the audience with the energetic moves to a medley of old and current chart busters.


A short session of melodious songs rendered by the popular singers of the club like Melba, Tina, Ronald and Sushma took the audience down the memory lane with old favourites.

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The Youth King and Queen Contest took off with the contestants captivating the audience with sheer charm as they synchronized their moves across the ramp to the beat of the music.

As the audience waited for the results a session of line dancing by the youngsters to the pulsating music of Dj Francis ensured that the floor was rocking to its brim.

The President of KSCB Sunil D’Souza crowned the new Youth Queen Eunice D’Souza while the honours of crowning the Youth King Rynal D’Souza was given to the Vice President Muriel Gomes.

image014karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-014 image016karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-016 image018karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-018 image019karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-019 image020karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-020 image021karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-021 image022karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-022 image023karnataka-social-club-youth-king-queen-20160519-023

The runner-up prize in the boys category bagged by Orville Sequeira and Michelle D’Souza runner-up in girls category.

All the contestants were given away the consolation prizes.


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