Safety checks on commercial explosives after China blasts

Beijing, Aug 17 (IANS) China’s industrial authorities on Monday demanded safety inspections on commercial explosives firms after the August 12 explosions in Tianjin city of China.

The ministry of Industry and Information Technology ordered local regulators to conduct safety checks on entities that deal with commercial explosives, with a focus on storage and safety regulations, reported Xinhua news agency.

Any company having any irregularities will be ordered to halt production.

The ministry said it will “in principle” cease issuing new construction permits for industrial explosives factories.

The emphasis on safety follows two massive explosions at a warehouse storing dangerous chemicals in Tianjin City of China on August 12, killing at least 114 people.

The state council on Saturday headed a national tele-conference on an upcoming national inspection that will target industries related with dangerous chemicals, explosives, fireworks, elevators, non-coal mines, public transportation and ports.

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