Sahyadri Motorsports Team to participate in ‘International Series of Karting’

Mangaluru: Sahyadri Motorsports, a team comprising of 25 members will be participating in “INTERNATIONAL SERIES OF KARTING”, which is going to be held at Lahari Resorts, Hyderabad from 8th March 2016 to 11th March 2016. The team is led by Bhavik Das Ably supported by Vice-Captain Madhukeshwara under the guidance of Prasadchandra N, Assistant Professor.

The team comprises of Bhavik Das, Madhukeshwara, Chethan Naik, Chetan Gadad, Sudeep K, Naga Prajwal, Preetham Shetty, Chaitra Mayya, Kaushik Chandra K S, Naga Prajwal K, Pranav Padavu, Nikethan Nachappa, Dency, Shawn Igneto, Vaishak Raju, Nikhil Raj U, Varun, Varshith, Anubhav, Sayyad Mohammad Zaved, Nikhil H N, Charan, and Devesh Dubey.

International Series of Karting is an initiative taken by Mean Metal Motors to increase India’s impact on world of Motorsport engineering. 100 teams from around the world will be competing to make their own Go-Karts according to FIA-CIK regulations and race it on the tracks.

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