Saudi Arabia: Indian Social Forum Condemns assassination of Dr M M Kalburgi

Dammam: Indian Social Forum, Karnataka State, Eastern Province, strongly condemns the assassination of senior writer, researcher, Dr M M Kalburgi who was the Vice Chancellor of Hampi University. It is clearly a fascist terrorist act who wants to suppress the voice of human scientific persuasions. It is the duty of the present government to provide security to the well wishers of the state.

Anti National activities have been started spreading nationwide since the assassination of Mahathma Gandhi. In recent days Godse’s worshipers are emerging in our country. The murders of great thinkers were growing in between the people who are demanding to build the temple for Godse which is a dangerous development. The government which is framed in a democratic system must seriously consider the killing of Dr Kalburgi. Indian Social Forum demands to take action and to arrest the culprits involved in this heinous crime. In this situation Indian Social Forum urges the people of this land to unite against this act and to develop the views of Dr Kalburgi.

Indian Social Forum urges the Police department to take immediate action against the people who are celebrating the death of Dr Kalburgi via Social Media who are actually degrading the secular image of our country and disturbing the harmony of our land.

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