Saudi-led warplanes hit weapons stores in Yemen

Sanaa, Sep 10 (IANS) Saudi-led coalition fighting Shia Houthi rebels bombed weapons depots in several military locations across Yemen’s capital Sanaa on Thursday.

The raids targeted Houthi rebel-controlled First Armoured Brigade, Maintenance Military Camp and Radio Military Camp in al-Hassaba neighbourhood, as well as al-Hafa Military Camp southeast of the capital, Xinhua news agency reported.

Residents said the air attacks resulted in non-stop explosions from weapons caches in those targeted military camps. The explosions forced dozens of families to flee their houses over fears of random exploded missiles.

So far, there were no reports of casualties.

Overnight air strikes also targeted houses of Houthi leaders and officials loyal to Houthi-allied former president Ali Abdullah Saleh in Hadda.

On Wednesday, witnesses said the coalition’s war planes launched a series of attacks against a ballistic rocket launcher hidden inside a police academy in al-Sabeen area. Medics said 10 residents were killed and several houses around the academy location were badly damaged.

The Saudi-led coalition has increased air attacks against the Houthis and their allied forces loyal to Saleh in the capital Sanaa and other major northern cities since last week.

The intensified air raids came in the wake of killing over 60 coalition’s soldiers, mostly from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), when Houthi rocket fire hit a weapons store at a military camp used by the coalition and pro-government forces in Marib.


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