Saving tips for rural Bengal teens during Global Money Week

Kolkata, March 9 (IANS) Teenagers from economically-disadvantaged areas in rural West Bengal will be coached on the importance of savings and to start saving early during the forthcoming Global Money Week, organisers said on Wednesday.

Advocating “every penny saved is every penny earned”, a host of activities including bank visits and training sessions on entrepreneurship will be conducted from March 14.

“We are arranging a variety of activities like bank visits, awareness on ‘save in safe place’ by bank personnel, awareness on ‘Take part, save smart’ by consumer affairs personnel for the teenagers in Kolkata as well as in rural areas like Bankura, Midnapore and other districts of Bengal,” said Shane J. Alliew, communications coordinator, Sahay Children International.

These activities also embrace the International Aflatoun Day celebrations highlighting the significance of financial and social skills, said Alliew.

“Recognising the importance of savings from an early age is sure a healthy sign, especially for the economically weaker youth. It will help them to build upon their resources so that these same reserves can be capitalised upon to build something and create economic opportunities for themselves and others like them in their various communities,” said Malika Singh, the NGO’s director.

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