Schools reopen in district after summer vacation

Schools Reopen in Districts After Summer Vacation

Udupi: After summer vacation, schools across the district reopened on May 30. While some were happy to return to school after a long gap, attired in their new uniforms, students of kindergarten and primary schools were seen crying and being pacified by their parents on day one.

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According to DDPI, the department had directed all government schools to hold special programmes to welcome students on May 30.

Students, who were present, were distributed sweets and given a warm welcome. But, classes will start in full swing from June 1, with students attending classes with full enthusiasm.

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Textbooks will be distributed to students on the first day. 80 percent of textbooks have been supplied to schools through the department. Shoes for students in government schools will be distributed on Monday, while the distribution of uniforms may take about a month. School teachers in villages are making all preparations to bring back students who have dropped out of school. Enrollment to schools will be open until the end of the month. Moreover, a drive to identify children who have left school and to re-enrol them is also in progress, he said.

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