Scott Disick sees psychic to get rid of ‘Kardashian curse’

Scott Disick sees psychic to get rid of ‘Kardashian curse’

Los Angeles, June 13 (IANS) Reality TV star Scott Disick was so convinced to prove that he had been hit with the “Kardashian curse” that he decided to visit a pyschic.

Disick, former partner of Kourtney Kardashian, visited a card reader with Kendall Jenner to prove his suspicions, reports

“I feel like some curse has been put upon me along with a lot of other men that I’m close with. You know how everyone says there is that Kardashian curse to the men? It is kind of scary but it’s kind of dope if it actually had truth to it,” Disick told the psychic.

The psychic then said that there is a lot of negative energy around him, indicating that he was indeed cursed. She told him to perform a ritual with a rooster to free himself from the curse.

Disick, who was told to make an offering with a rooster while wearing an all-white ensemble, then purchased the fowl from a farm. He was also asked to take a herbal bath.

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