Send Indian Army to Karnataka to Protect Cows – Sharan Pumpwell

Send Indian Army to Karnataka to Protect Cows – Sharan Pumpwell

Mangaluru: In Karnataka, cow trafficking and illegal cow slaughtering are increasing every day. According to the criminal procedure code, 43 CrPC says that the public has the right to stop illegal slaughtering and trafficking of cows.

He said that the details of the Ministry of Home Affairs’ Circular No. 24013/50/Misc./2016-CSR.III dated August 9, 2016, sent to the state government on the subject, “Advisory on untoward incidents in the country on cattle in the disturbance of law and order by miscreants in the name of protection of cow” has come to the public light and that, the cow protection groups will not have any rights to stop the illegal activities.

Sharan in his letter to Prime minister Narendra Modi, said, “Cow vigilantes seek PM Modi’s action to stop Cow Slaughter in India and the inclusion of CrPC 43 in the advisory circular. The present circular which was issued on August 9, has also created confusion among the people and the cow protectors feel that in the coming days there will be cruelty and illegal cow slaughtering. To avoid this, we need more and more police force. In the state, there is a lack of police and it is very difficult for them to control such illegal activities. The central government should take responsibility of protecting cows and send the Indian army to Karnataka to protect the “Gaumatha”.

Sharan Pumpwell has also mentioned in the letter to Modi to take such strict and meaningful measures to protect the cow progeny. The prime minister should take the responsibility so that in Karnataka, not a single cow will be killed and there will be no cruelty so that the sentiments of the Hindus will not be hurt.

According to the article 51A(G), everyone has the responsibility to show concern towards animals. According to article 51, it is the duty of every citizen to protect animals, if an animal is being killed, how to protect that animal? If anyone protects animals when they are being tortured or killed, is it called taking the law into their hands? Sharan asked for clarification through the letter with the PM.


  1. My heart goes out for those cows slaughtered in thousands on daily basis for ‘naalige chapala’. We all know who is behind stealing cows, illegal trafficking and slaughtering. Let me just say – they don’t have any religion!! Makes sense? wink, wink..

    On the other hand, Hindus also need to be honest. Overwhelming majority of hindu farmers sell their cows to ‘agents’ who in turn sell those cows to those involved in this illegal activities. If cow is a ‘go-maata’, then show it in action and stop treating those cows as expendable assets. We have artificially created a huge population of cows in the name of ‘ksheera kraanti’ (dairy revolution). If people are serious about protecting cows, then we need to cut down on our usage of dairy products.

    • We all know is behind stealing cows, illegal trafficking and slaughtering. … they don’t have any religion…- Murudu Joker RampaNNA from Yumreeka

      Regarding slaughtering – LEGALLY, of course, this should be an eye-opener for our numero-uno Gau Rakshak from Yumreeka:

      Hmmmm.. I wonder what happened to the slogan – “Ambaa is our Moddha and we will kill any Moddha who kills our Ambaa”? Just hype and lip-service, eh? 🙂

      Say, do the names Satish & Atul Sabharwal, Sunil Kapoor, Madan Abott and AS Bindra ring a bell? You are right!”They don’t have any religion”. Makes PERFECT sense ya RampaNNA. 🙂

      I wonder how the Beef Jokers Party LITERALLY manages to churn out such ‘geniuses’ on such a regular basis. Oh, I get it – the ‘MACK’ in India drive of our beloved Pradhana Sevaka. 🙂

  2. In India in general and Karnataka in particular what is required is to eradicate protein deficiency. This can be done if piggery is done in mass scale in industry scale in hygienic way. This way the cost of production is reduced and people get meat at cheaper price. People like pork more than beef as it is easy to consume and tasty and with convection, conventional grill and barbecue, eating fat can be avoided so that it doesn’t lead to heart and other lifestyle diseases.

  3. When the Angrezis left India, they left behind many institutions. One is the English law.

    For reasons of natural evolution, a lack of understanding of the original intent (for which the law came into vogue), political expediency, desire on the part of the police to play lords of the society, and also the Indian mis-interpretation of the English language, much has changed in the Indian use of what was originally the English law.

    One such evolved feature is the meaning of what is cognizable and what is not.

    The English law considered very serious crimes as requiring police action before anyone had time to approach a magistrate/judge for an arrest warrant. Surely the police could not let a murderer escape right in front of their eyes just because an arrest warrant was not available.

    For non-serious crimes, such a privilege was not available to the police. This included thieving. Reason: police are not judges. Only a judge can declare if someone really was a criminal or not.

    But the Indian system has left the interpretation of the term cognizable, it seems, not just to the police, but also to the local thugs who love to play the role of the police – so long as alleged thieves are weaker sections of the society.

    The power of the local thugs comes from the convoluted adaptation of the English law into the Section 43 of the (Indian) Code of Criminal Procedure 1973.

    The local thugs are not interested in the well-being of the society. The section 43 of the code gives the local thugs an official permission to get a piece of the bribe pie. Hence the love to arrest the cattle thieves.

  4. Mr Sharan, How about Cruelty to Rooster(Khori) when you and your friends while eating Khori Sukka. Then what about Khori Katta where one Rooster is trying to kill other Rooster with owners of these Roosters Gambling on the life of Poor Bird. Then what about cruelty to Sheep and Goats while you eat Rice with Mutton Curry. Then stop the killing of Pigs because they also are Animals. Like you said that 51A(G) should cover all these animals too. Talk is cheap.

  5. Lol…. so this genius wants the Indian Army to be deployed in Karnataka to save and protect the cows, eh?

    And who will be responsible for Indian borders, its defense and security? Canara Bank, Corporation Bank and MCC Bank employees, I guess! Jeez….. what geniuses the BD/RSS produces!

  6. To protect Cows and Bulls from Theft, Slaughter, or from dirtying the roads
    and footpaths:

    1. The owners of Cow or Bulls should be penalized with fines, if the Municipality
    finds cows and bulls left loitering on the roads and on other people’s property.

    2. The owners of Cow or Bulls should be penalized with fines, if the Municipality
    finds cow dung on roads and footpaths from Cows or Bulls loitering the roads
    and footpaths.

    3. The Municipality should be taken to task if they fail to check and eradicate
    Cows & Bulls loitering or sitting on roads and footpaths.

    3. The Hindu people concerned about the sacredness of the Cow should also
    work on identifying whose Cows or Bulls are left loitering on the roads and
    footpaths and take appropriate action in educating their owners.

    All the above should be exercised to bring about love and peace on this issue.

    • Mr. Richard,

      To address ALL your ‘solutions’, one needs a Radio collar on the blest feet of our Holy Cows tagged along with their Owners. Else, how would one fine a Cow owner when his Ambaa drops crap on the Autobahns of Mlore/India? 😉

      So, who will bell the Amma? Me, you, or our Yumreeki friend? 😉

  7. OK, let’s have the Indian army protecting the “Sacred Gaumata” from being slaughtered. In the same breath let us have all the fringe groups deployed on our borders, where they can show their patriotism by confronting the enemies in a real combat! I guess it is a fair deal.

    Like few of the readers have pointed out, Hindus need to ponder if we walk the talk when it comes to cows. “Unproductive” cows and the male calves are sold to agents. And their fate is sealed. Gaumata is selectively holy to us!

    Yes, stealing of cows is a crime like stealing any other thing. Let the owners try to minimize the risk by not letting their cows stray into public areas. And from the side of the Law, stringent action needs to be taken against the thieves and traffickers!

  8. Shri Sharan Pumpwell,with due respects to your sentiments & faith I have the following to share with you.
    Yes,the bovine animals along with all domesticated animals,over centuries of civilization need to be cared for,sheltered & protected by us as citizens & humans!The cow,bull,dog & cat being primary!While the cow is highest in the order,for having provided milk for the household & especially as alternate milk for the babies,when a human mother’s milk isn’t available for the infant!
    The bull for the farmers as ours was primarily an agricultural society & yet depends on agriculture!The dog as guard of house & companion for the farmers who left in the early hours for the fields!
    The cat was the in-house pet & killed pests & mainly warned us of any intruder esp. Snakes!
    The goats & fowls came lower in the order,providing for meat,milk & eggs etc!
    Our culture forbid us to kill wild animals & birds for sport or feast!
    But since our land had forest people & adivasis,for whom killing certain animals & birds was a life line for food people did kill wild life only for food!Much of that culture still survives in our land & guaranteed in our Constitution for STs!Wild life protection is also in law!
    So just as much as the cow & bull,held sacred by Hindus,many many other animals & birds are also held sacred & need not just be protected but cared for & sheltered & provided for!
    But the reality is:Wild animals like tigers,panthers,rhinos,deers etc are hunted down by criminal gangs for trade!Where are the rakshaks?
    Cows & Bulls are let to roam around cities,towns & even villages without guards to eat rubbish like paper,plastic & other wastes from dumps/municipal bins!Where are the rakshaks?
    In villages,for days on end,cows & Bulls are left to fend for themselves!The mute animals,seeking food & water,enter others’ farms damaging standing crops & vegetables & plants!I have personally been witness & suffered!Cows or Bulls,I have seen being abused verbally & mercilessly beaten by Hindus for causing damage!While these poor animals suffer their owners snored peacefully in beds!Come morning,the cows are milked & the Bulls taken to the fields for work,by the shameless Hindu owners!Where are the rakshaks?
    You say,such animals are taken to gaushalas!Fine!What are the scenes there?100s of scrawny,injured sick animals are herded in shedss & stockades!Yes,they are kept alive!But you may deny that being cruelty!
    You will point out some exemplary gaushalas,where a few healthy animals are sheltered,cared for & well fed!But be honest & say what is the % of such good Shelters?And what about the milk these Gaus give & what happens to them in death?Are they buried or cremated or ?
    And would you be kind enough to explain about the report of 100s of bovines that perished in a gaushala in Rajasthan recently?Apart from the cruel manner in which they perished,did you notice the pitiable state they were in?
    Is this what our culture is?Where are the rakshaks?Shouldn’t they protest & demand punishment for the authorities there?No!The whole thing is covered up & forgotten!
    A dubious case of a person running a gaushala,somewhere near Pune,Maharastra,was exposed in a sting operation involving ‘gaurakshaks’ came to light & money making exposed,but what happened?Where are the rakshaks?
    You may have genuine reasons for what is happening in Karnataka & you feel the need for the Army!You do not trust your local law & judicial machinery,may be because the BJP isn’t in power there,Congress is!Fine,that too could be genuine!
    But your asking for the Army is a bit too far fetched!Riots!The army!Floods!The Army!Frontiers!The Army!Insurgency!The Army!… Cow protection!The Army!
    Well,the Army ofcourse is the most disciplined,honest & fair force,free from prejudiced & corruption!It’s loyalty is to the nation as a whole & not any particular,people,faith or party!
    But if they are to leave their border posts & look into civilian problems as you would want them to then it would be nice if young & able bodied rakshaks could get recruited in the armed forces & go to the borders & manage our enemies across!
    Without prejudice

    A fellow citizen

    • Bravo DR Irani. Well said!

      I wonder how our homegrown Gau Rakshak settled in Yumreeka, will react to this? Will he post more videos of the Indian Police forces shooting morons with pellets – JUST to deflect the heat off his holy Ambaa?

  9. @ Joker Praveena Pinto – You continue to be the joke and joker!! My comment is on ‘illegal’ slaughtering and you bring up legal slaughtering!! LOL Moreover, it took two attempts to provide the correct link!!! LOL You are such an embarrassment. Finally, what’s the point in asking me about animal sacrifice? I’ve made it abundantly clear that I am totally against animal sacrifice and animal cruelty. Unlike you and many other dishonest guys from minority group, my opposition is not just limited to one animal or other. I’m opposed to all animal sacrifice!!

    @ Joe D’Souza – Your points are very valid IF you are against all animal cruelty and slaughtering. Is it the case? Or, you are simply making those comments for the sake of making comments?

    • “ bring up legal slaughtering” – Maha Joker RampaNNA from Murudeshwara

      PyareLallu Rampu, the word “legal” was introduced deliberately as bait and the poor ‘mugudu’ (catfish) that you are – fell for it hook, line and sinker!

      You see, the point is – legal or illegal, it is Hindus – who swear that the Holy Cow is a mother to them – who run 4 outta 5 of the largest Beef export houses – all with the blessings of the powers that be!

      On one hand, we have Dalits who are beaten black, blue and EVEN flourescent purplish-green sometimes, when at times they are ‘caught’ skinning dead Cow/Buffalo carcasses. Some others are ‘caught’ transporting cattle for Dairy purposes and beaten to half an inch of death.

      Those caught illegally transporting cattle for slaughter should be dealt by the law and not some vigilantes. How ‘blunderful’ to see our RampaNNA quiet as a Church mouse on all the above issues.

      On another note, I bring up the topic of the US being in hock – a mile and a 1/2 over its gills – a mind-boggling 19.5 Trillion USD and our RampanNA goes on mute mode like his RSS masters.

      No wonder then that it is you who are the Joke, Joker and the applauding audience! 🙂

      Bravo, Rampa! More, please. 🙂

  10. It’s very interesting to see comments from one particular community lecturing Hindus on what they should do and what they shouldn’t do on this issue. Isn’t it ironic that they wouldn’t utter a word on another minority community that is behind all these illegal trafficking and illegal slaughtering. Remember, as much as I disagree with characters like Sharan Pumpwell, he is commenting on ‘illegal’ activities here. Any decent, honest person would denounce illegal activity. However, a common hatred towards ‘sanaathana dharma’ unites certain factions and bring out their true colors. After all, these are not known for decency or honesty!!

  11. Sharan Pumpwell, to have an unusual surname like the Parsis and Bohris, must be hailing from a family having ancestral business in pumps. I hope his pumps are of good quality and pump well.

    This man, Sharan Pumpwell, displayed his lack of intellect by asking the Government to deploy the Army to protect the cows. He has to realise that Army is a highly trained, specialized and high tech force that has to fight modern warfares and not manned by riff-raffs like him, who exist on ……giri and ….giri. In fact, he and members of his outfit should be press-ganged to work as porters along with yaks to carry supplies in the Himalayas, Ladakh, Kargil and the North-East regions of the country.

    I wonder whether this Sharam Pumpwell understands what I have written and does he know what North East means and how many provinces comprise it?

    • Sharan Pumpwell.. to have an unusual name… – Mr. Nelson

      Oh well, what methinks is – he was pumping really well at Pumpwell (a place in Mangalore) during his teens and hence the name stuck. I mean, what else could a chap like Sharana do back then and that too in his heydays?

      Unfortunately, he can’t pump much these days despite his fancy moniker. Hence, he pumps …..up’s the ante against his fav – Go Maata.

      And Mr. Nelson, have you noticed – our Yumreeki is against ALL animal slaughtering. How groovy! Say, do you think he preaches the SAME out on the range – curled up in his hold-all.. while staring at the stars above?

  12. Mr. Praveen Pinto,

    How come you call him oaf a genius? He is an … and not worldly wise. However, since he is from a pseudo-political outfit, nobody wants to bell the cat to avoid problems.

  13. Mr. Praveen Pinto,

    Thanks for the feedback. If his pump is malfunctioning he should get it fixed, rather than making irresponsible comments like deploying the Army to protect the cows.

    • If his pump is malfunctioning, he should get it fixed…. Mr. nelson on Sharana Pumpuwella

      Oh well, my thoughts exactly! Additionally, if you have noticed, there is another chap of the same hue (saffron, of course) whose gaskets spring leaks every now and then. I guess that is how his Pressure Relief Valve(s) (PRV’s) work.

      And then, he starts venting his gobar (bio) gas (composition: Methane, CO2, N2 and H2). Luckily, he is in a land far far away. So, hardly a whiff of that stench out here. Naw…. no prizes for guessing who he is. And if you do happen to know, shhhhhh… mums the word. 🙂

  14. Mr. Mr. Praveen Pint o,

    Your friend, who is a fence sitter, watching the ding-dong matches between you and two. I have to thank both of you for providing the much-needed entertainment, which keeps me in good humour.

    I was a workaholc and spent over four decades working very hard and, if it was not for both of you, my life would have been a little drab, solving general crosswords, city crosswords, making as many four letter words as possible from the nine letters provided by the daily, using the letters, just once, to form a word. If my tally of words in excess of words required to categorize one as average, good and excellent and if I am able to make one word using all the nine letters, then I am a bit happy.

    In general reading your posts keeps me in fine spirits, moreso, now that I seldom have spirits.

    • …I have to thank both of you.. – Mr. Nelson

      Lol no! The credit solely rests with our Yumreeki stand-up comedian. You see, sir, he cracks a helluva joke and I’m left with no other choice than to congratulate him and applaud him for his antics.

      And that, as sure as the pimple on the dimple on my.. inspires him to greater heights.

      Si comprende, Senor? 🙂

  15. I have given my views about the capture of Osama bin Laden and if you disagree, then you are entitled to your views. Did you know that this Old Fart watched a lot of pornographic stuff, in spite of having four wives. Many people find it difficult to handle one spouse, but this Old man had four. Amazing stuff!

  16. If you disagree, then you are entitled to your views. Did you know that THIS old fart watched a lot of porn….despite having 4 wives. – Mr. Nelson

    Well, I was just pointing out some solid views as investigated and published by a leading US Journo, Mr. Nelson.

    And well… when you say “THIS old fart”, Jeez… one would be forgiven for thinking that it is YOU who …………… Oh yes, I do know you meant to say “THAT ol fart”. Anyway, as long as people cotton-on, no harm. But then, with Rampas around, you never know what his interpretation/understanding of “THIS” could be.

    Say, if you don’t mind me asking – what made you seldom have distilled spirits? I sincerely hope that your AST & ALT (formerly known as SGOT & SGPT), ALP, GGT etc are all smiley faces. Cheers! 🙂

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