Sexual harassment of Lecturer by Vice-Principal, students protest

Sexual harassment of Lecturer by Vice-Principal, students protest

Manipal: Students of the TMA Pai Polytechnic Manipal staged a protest against the vice-principal Shrikanth Pai who is alleged of sexually harassing a college lecturer.


Vice-principal Shrikanth Pai

All college Polytechnic Union president Prajwal Shet, “On August 27, Morning around 10 to 10:30 am Shrikanth Pai, Vice principal and also the HOD of Computer science section misbehaved with a woman lecturer Sandhya (name changed) of his section. He has been continuously sending messages to her mobile and even asked her to visit him outside the college, in hotels.


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On Saturday also Shrikanth misbehaved with Sandhya in the HOD room. She objected to his misbehaviour and complained to the principal and her husband. She also complained to the Manipal Police station. However, the issue was ignored by the college administration. Shrikanth had earlier twice misbehaved with a college girl and no action was taken against him. Prajwal demanded that the Management dismiss the vice-principal from the college.

tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-12 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-13 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-14 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-15

The Manipal police visited the college and tried to pacify the students. Later the student leaders with the police held a meeting with the principal and the college administration. The college administration promised the students that they will suspend the vice-principal with immediate effect and a proper inquiry will be initiated against him.

tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-05 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-06 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-07 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-08 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-09 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-10 tma-pai-polytechnic-manipal-students-protest-against-sexual-harrasment-20160829-11

T Ranga Pai Student welfare co-ordinator of the polytechnic speaking to media persons said that vice principal Shrikanth has been working in the college for the last 15-20 years. This is the first time that a lecturer has levelled a sexual harassment allegation against him. The management has taken the incident seriously. Following the complaint by the lecturer, the college committee will conduct an inquiry within 3-4 days and if found guilty the management will take strict action against him. We are neither in favour of vice-principal nor in favour of the lecturer who has levelled the allegations. We will extend our cooperation to the police. There is no provision to dismiss any person without holding an inquiry. As per the law, the college committee will conduct an inquiry in the college. If Shrikanth has committed any crime, then we will not hesitate to take action against him, he added.

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