Sharon Stone feels effects of brain damage

Los Angeles, Aug 16 (IANS) Actress Sharon Stone feels like her “entire DNA changed” after suffering a brain haemorrhage in the year 2001 and that she is still feeling the effects of brain damage.

“It almost feels like my entire DNA changed. My brain isn’t sitting where it used to, my body type changed, and even my food allergies are different,” Stone said.

The “Basic Instinct” actress, who once feared she would never be able to read or speak again, believes that the experience taught her a lot, reports

“I became more emotionally intelligent. I chose to work very hard to open up other parts of my mind. Now I’m stronger. And I can be abrasively direct. That scares people, but I think that’s not my problem.

“It’s like, I have brain damage; you’ll just have to deal with it,” she told Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

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