Shashidhar Venugopal Booked under Sedition Laws

Shashidhar Venugopal Booked under Sedition Laws special correspondent

Bengaluru: State minister of home Dr G Parameshwara told mediapersons in Vikasa Soudha on Saturday that Shashidhar Venugopal, president of State Police Association, had been arrested and charged under clauses of seditions and others.


He said that Shashidhar had announced of a ‘sepoy mutiny’ in the police force to bring down the government. He had also said that the present government would not last beyond June 4, the day on which the police were to protest.

When a reporter asked the minister if India’s freedom struggle had also not begun with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857.

The minister was irked by the question and shot back at the reporter if he supported the sepoy mutiny in the police and if he would like to join Shashidhar in jail.

Even other journalists were taken aback by the question from the reporter, since the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 was to throw out an oppressive foreign rule where the Shashidhar’s plan was to pull down a democratically elected government by inciting a civil defence force serving under it.

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