Shetty Twin Sisters Aspiring to make it Big in Glamour World

Shetty Twin Sisters Aspiring to make it Big in Glamour World

Kudla’s identical twin stars Ashvithi Shetty and Adhvithi Shetty with acting/modelling ambition are aspiring to make it big in glamour world, to become top actresses, and also models.

Mangaluru: They were born just five minutes apart, and that’s the only time that they seem to have spent without each other. But when they grew up, they both went shopping together; they have the same hobbies; they look very identical; they were born at the same hour, just five minutes apart; they attended the same college; grew up to be actresses and models; they lived together in Mangaluru and now live together in Bengaluru ; but the only difference between them is that they don’t dress alike, other than that they are the identical Kudla’s Twin sisters, Ashvithi and Adhvithi Shetty, hailing from Bejai, Mangaluru, but presently settled in Bengaluru. To hear them tell it, these similarities are merely the serendipitous result of knowing each other intimately throughout life, not the kind of cosmic identical-twin connection that people often ask about. And I had the opportunity to meet them during the “Cause 2016” fund-raising event organized by a bevy of PUC students of St Aloysius College, Mangaluru at City Centre Mall, Mangaluru.


And it also made me proud when I found out that both the Shetty twins were ex-Aloysians, the same college that I completed my BSc three decades ago. Say goodbye to the rest of the twins in the glamour world, and say hello to these sibling pairs, who are bringing their own unique vision to the world of Indian-influenced fashion, and Indian influenced cinema. You may not know their names yet, but it won’t be long until you do, because these young lasses are talented and creative. They are twins of Tulunadu descent, and with support of huge fans following them, they are aiming to reach greater heights in fashion and movie industry.

Twins have always fascinated most people — and the Internet is no exception. Thanks to this inherent power, these twins have managed to make a name for themselves, acquiring incredible amounts of followers. Praised by acclaimed magazines, newspapers and websites; and approached by brands of fashion, jewellery and other products; collaborations continue raining down for these stylish doubles. However, we must not forget the point: these young people represent our generation. One that is proud of its cultural heritage, proud to be ebony, proud of their beauty and appearance, proud of our style of clothes. Kudla should be proud of these twins who are emerging into the fashion and movie world, to bring name and fame to their hometown.


Twin Sisters seen with their Parents

Daughters of Yathiraj Shetty, a entrepreneur in Mangaluru, and Nanda Y Shetty, a dedicated housewife and a caring mother. Adhvithi and Ashvithi Shetty have taught themselves everything — from dancing, to modeling and now acting. The twin sisters have a brother named Arjun, who is a businessman in Bengaluru. Having completed their BCom studies at St Aloysius college, Mangaluru-they pursued their studies in MBA from Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal, and later moved to Bengaluru to work as Human resources Managers.The twins made their film debut with the blockbuster Kannada movie “Mr & Mrs Ramachari” and then in yet another Kannada movie, “Suli” .

“We began dancing in Mangaluru, and we learnt it on our own and went on to participate in five dance-reality shows. We also joined a dance troupe in Mangaluru for some time. We struggled a lot when it came to dance, as it was only the two of us and our maid, who was our biggest support. We used to make our own ornaments, costumes and props. We took part in a lot of shows with our dance troupe when we were in Manipal. We used to go to class in the morning, and at 6 pm, as soon as college was over, we’d rush to catch the 6:15 pm bus to Mangaluru (a 1.5-hour ride)” said Adhvithi.

Ashvithi then said, “We’d go home and then head out for dance class for another 1.5 hours, go back home, have dinner, talk to our parents and go to bed. The next morning, we were up at 6 am to go back to college. I don’t even remember how many times we did this. Our classmates used to say that they didn’t even know us. During our shows, people used to tell us that they would only keep looking at us dance, so we decided not to depend on anyone else and then it was just the two of us dancing. To be frank, I’m never confident when I perform solo; I’m only confident when Adhvithi is with me. We’ve done everything together all our lives. We had a stint in modeling as well. We still model. We have walked for many designers and have been in several print ads. We used to participate in fashion shows in college, and that again, was something that we taught ourselves”.


“People used to come up to us and ask us if we had learnt how to walk the ramp. We used to laugh about it back then, but later, I decided to take it up professionally. I was never interested in modelling, but Adhvithi pulled me into it. She taught me how to walk and pose, so I owe it all to her. I am proud that we now groom models and choreograph shows. I still remember our first scene in the Kannada movie, “Mr and Mrs Ramachari”, when we were in Malleshwaram-Bengaluru and several hundreds of people had come to watch the shoot. There are no words to express how that felt. The movie gave us a lot of recognition and love from people, which is something that we never expected ” added Ashvithi.

Regarding how they both bagged a role in “Mr & Mrs Ramachari?” Adhvithi said, “We never had plans of getting into films. Someone told us that they were looking for twins for a movie with Yash and Radhika Pandit . We were not interested and never thought that we had acting skills, but we sent our pictures anyway, thinking that we wouldn’t even get selected. But then we got a call from the director (Santhosh Ananddram), asking us to meet him. He told us that he had auditioned other people, but that he liked us. He said that we looked dedicated, which is why he was picking us. Adhvithi talking about their offer to act in the movie “Suli” said, ” Nada Shetty, our college teacher at St Aloysius College- Mangaluru, told us about this movie and asked us if we were interested. We sent our pictures to Vishwanath Sir – the director of ‘Suli’.. Nada Sir informed us that the Director didn’t want twins and will pick only one girl, and we agreed. We both auditioned for the role and were surprised when we were told that both of us were selected “.

“The best part is that people who have seen us in real life found us both different in the film as our look was very subtle and natural. Also the movie director didn’t wanted us to look like twins, and we don’t in the movie. Most of all acting with with a senior actor like Srinath was a blessing. He is popular all over the world, yet he is such a simple person. With him around, we never missed our parents. Srinath sir has 49 years experience, but he will never let you feel that. Even when his scenes were not being shot, he would sit at a distance and watch the other actors. If he sensed that someone was struggling with their scene, then no matter how far away he was, he would go to that person and give them advice. We had to learn patience and punctuality from him ” added Adhvithi.


Regarding the outcome of acting in the movie, ” Ashvithi said, “Initially, we weren’t very open when it came to emoting, because we used to worry about what people might think. But after this film, if someone asks me to emote even like a monkey, I will confidently do it. Also, earlier, I used to get nervous when I was handed a script for auditions and used to take at least an hour to memorize it. But after Suli, I can memorize a script in minutes.  The movie has given us a lot of confidence and I am proud to have worked with this team. We are not trained actors, so, I feel like we have now achieved something in life.”

About the achievements of Ashvithi Shetty :

She has acted in the movie “Mr & Mrs Ramachari” with actor Yash and actress Radhika Pandit, which had completed 200 days in theaters, with Actor Yash and Actress Radhika Pandit; also acted in a Kannada Short Movie “Yen…Barthiya???” as a female lead, and also in movie “Suli”along Pranayaraja Srinath directed by PH Vishwanath . She has been active involved in Fashion industry- like she was the award presenter for Best Playback Singer Male at Tulu Film Awards Mangaluru organised by City Red FM; done a ad-film for Melorra Jewellery; Groomed and choreographed for Mr Bunt and Miss Bunt Mangalore 2015; Groomed, choreographed and judged Mr Bunt and Miss Bunt Mulky 2015; Done shoot for designer boutique called Souchika and The Silly Rabbit; Judged the Kids Prince and Princess 2014 held at Mangaluru; Also done a print ad for Aviva; done TVS corporate video shoot; and been a Model for a boutique called “ORA”.

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Her active participation in the Fashion world has brought her awards and laurels, to name a few- She has won the SAMV choice Award in Pantaloons Face of Bangalore 2014 organized by SAMV; Winner of outlook supermodel contest 2014; Won Miss Beautiful Hair in Miss Mangalore 2014 and was in top 10; and was Crowned as Miss Bunt Bangalore  2013. Her role in dancing she was awarded with the “Young Achiever in the Field Performing Arts Dance- 2011” organized by Rotary Club-Mangalore (North) by the Rotary Club-Mangalore (North); Participated and was selected along with her  twin sister for the final round auditions of “India’s Got Talent” on Colors TV channel which was judged by Karan Johar, Kiran kher and Mallaika Arora; Participated in Zee Kannada Dance reality show “Dance Karnataka Dance” and secured the 8th position; Participated in ETV Kannada “SUPER” and ETV Telugu “ADHURS” Talent show and secured the Third position; Participated in the National level B-School talent competition conducted by Maruti Suzuki –‘Colors of Youth’ ( Zee Business channel ) and was in the National Finale held at Delhi on 7th March 2012; has given Dance performance in Karnataka and International and in various T.V Channels. Also she has been as a judge at various colleges in Manipal and Bangalore.

About the achievements of Adhvithi Shetty :


Just like her twin sister, Advithi has also acted in the movie “Mr & Mrs Ramachari, with Actor Yash and Actress Radhika Pandit; acted in “Suli” directed With Pranayaraja Srinath, and also acted in “Girgitle” which is yet to be released. Following the footsteps of her Twin sister, she too has been involved in the Fashion Industry; Judged the Fashion show at Bangalore Institute of Technology; been the award presenter for Best Playback singer Male at Tulu Film Awards Mangalore organized by Red Fm 93.5; Judged fashion show at Infosys Mangalore; Groomed the contestants of Mr & Ms Bunt Mangalore; Also done a print ad for Aviva; Done website shoot with the Bollywood photographer Sameer Belvalkar; Participated in Miss. Bunt Bangalore 2013 and was in the Top 7; Also been a Model for a Boutique Called “ORA”; Been a model for Clean India Campaign shoot; Done documentary commercial Ad shoot for VASAN eye care; Done shoot for blog ‘youstyleme’ powered by; judged the All college Fashion Show at MITE college Moodbidri; Judged the Kids Prince and Princess 2014 held at Mangalore; Done shoot for flip kart for “Binfikr crop tops”.

image001adhvithi-shetty-20160906-001 image002adhvithi-shetty-20160906-002 image003adhvithi-shetty-20160906-003 image004adhvithi-shetty-20160906-004

Adhvithi was Crowned as Miss Grandeur International 2014; Won SAMV choice of Award in Pantaloons Face of Bangalore 2014 organized by SAMV; and Winner in the outlook supermodel contest 2014. She has also won the Miss Beautiful Hair in Miss Mangalore 2013 and was in top 10. She has also performed a Comedy Skit for Udaya Tv.  Her dance career has earned her the “Young Achiever in the field of Performing Arts-Dance 2011  award by the Rotary Club-Mangalore (North). She has participated and was selected along with her twin sister for the final round auditions of “India’s Got Talent”; Participated in Zee Kannada Dance reality show “Dance Karnataka Dance” and secured the 8th position.; Participated in ETV Kannada “SUPER” and ETV Telugu “ADHURS” Talent show and secured the third position; Participated in the National level B-School talent competition conducted by Maruti Suzuki –‘Colors of Youth’ ( Zee Business channel ) and was in the National Finale held at Delhi on 7th March 2012. She has given Dance performance in Karnataka and International and in various T.V Channels; and also been a judge at various colleges in Manipal and Bengaluru.

Following are the excerpts from the exclusive interview with the Twin Sisters, Adhvithi and Ashvithi Shetty :


Q :What made you both to step into acting in movies?

It was all luck by chance and our talent. We never had plans to get into movies .

Q: Was it your childhood dream to become an actress? Was it your own decision or some motivated/influenced you to get into movies?

No- we never had dreams to become an actress . It was our own decision.

Q: Who has been your biggest strength in your life? What are your limitation as actresses?

Biggest strength is off course our family and friends, but we as twins have always motivated each other and have become each other’s strengths.

Q: You both being slim, I have heard that South Film Directors want their actresses to be plump but Bollywood is all about being size zero, what’s your take on that?

According to us, being plump or slim is secondary. Talent is what everyone should look at. But yes there is a difference in south and Bollywood. But we are not going to look back but move forward because we have talent and that matters not personality.

Q: What have you both learned from entering into stardom?

We have always learnt to be a down to earth, simple and dedicated people what ever stardom we achieve is secondary.


Q: Which is the best role in movies, according to you both?

According to us every role that we have played or will play in future is going to be best because we believe in doing our best. So there is no particular role we would say is best for us every role we play is important and is best.

Q: What do you like in your personal life?

We have been positive, energetic and fun loving girls so we like everything about our personal life .

Q: Are you considering eyeing more into Bollywood or staying with sandalwood?

Definelty we would love to do something in Bollywood as well. But sandalwood is always in our list .

Q: What does stardom means to you?

Stardom means living a simple life, being down to earth and continue to do our best in what ever we have done to achieve that stardom and keep improving ourselves.

Q: Do you think glamour plays an important role in success of films?

Yes- partially it does play .

Q : What Kannada movie are you currently acting-what’s your role and the story in brief?

I (Adhvithi) am working for a movie called Girgitle. I play the second lead.Totally modern look in the movie .

Q: How are you planning to take your career ahead in stardom?

Just being positive and doing what we love to do .

Q: How fashion conscious are you ?

We are fashion conscious to an extent. We believe in wearing the outfits that suit us, which we feel comfortable and the most important is it all depends on how you carry yourself with those outfits .

Q: What is your motto in life?

Love what you do and do what you love . Hard work and dedication will help you reach your goals.

Q: What do you have to say about Mangaluru fans and the locals patronizing your movies?

We would first of all like to thank each one of the Mangaluru people for supporting us . But would definitely want them to support us in future too. We love you all

Q: Apart from being actresses, are you both considering any other work to keep you busy?

We have been professional dancers who have been on 5 dance reality shows including Indias got talent on Colors ( Hindi) and been professional models and have done various shoots for flip kart, TVS etc. Also been a part of various designers ramp shows etc. We still continue to do both these along with acting career.


Q: Finally, what is your message to ‘’ readers, and youngsters, in particular?

First of all Thank You Alfie Sir and for helping us reach out to so many people through this article. We just want to say to the youngsters ” if you believe in something and love to do something that would give you happiness and success. Please don’t look back but move forward with hard work and dedication . Each one of you are talented, it’s just that you need to identify and put in efforts to get out the best in YOU”.

Team Mangalorean wishes, both Adhvithi and Ashvithi all success in their movie and modelling career. Success galore!

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