Shobhayatra Begins, Bunts Bid Adieu to Lord Ganesha

Shobhayatra Begins, Bunts Bid Adieu to Lord Ganesha

Mangaluru: The Shobhayatra of Lord Ganesh began from the Omkar Nagar here on September 7.

Prior to the procession, a stage programme was held. The programme began with a Bhajan. The managing trustee of Sri Siddi Vinayak Pratishtana Ajith Kumar Rai Maladi welcomed the gathering.

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President of the Ramakrishna credit Co-operative society K Jayaraj Rai and his wife Sowmya Rai inaugurated the programme by lighting the traditional lamp. Speaking on the occasion Jayaraj congratulated the Bunts for successfully organizing the Ganeshotsava for the 13th year. It is not easy to lead any organization towards success but Ajith Kumar Rai Maladi has brought together the Bunt community and has organized the Ganeshotsava in a grand manner.


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LN MJF Arun Shetty and Nagaraj Shetty also spoke on the occasion. Asha Jyothi Rai delivered the vote of thanks.

Prior to the procession, the Bhajan team leaders were given the Ganeshotsava flags. 25 Bhajan teams from the district participated in the bhajan competition. The Lord Ganesh Idol was taken in a procession after the immersion Puja.

The procession will pass through Bunts Hostel – Karangalpadi – PVS – Dongarakeri- New Chitra Talkies – Carstreet – Sri Venkataramana Temple and the Lord Ganesha idol will be immersed in the Mahammayi Temple pond.

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