Six killed in suicide bombing in Yemen

Aden, April 12 (IANS) At least six people, five soldiers and an attacker, were killed and more than 10 others injured in a suicide bombing in Yemen’s Aden city on Tuesday, a security official said.

“A suicide bomber blew himself up next to a police checkpoint in Aden’s neighbourhood of Sheikh Othman,” Xinhua quoted the security official as saying.

The bomber was also killed in his blast which targeted a checkpoint in Aden, the official added.

The security official blamed the attack on the Yemen-based Al-Qaeda branch, which has large influence and presence in the southern regions due to the government’s absence and the security vacuum.

Scores of gunmen linked to the Al-Qaeda and the Yemen-based affiliate of the Islamic State group took control over key government compounds after defeating the Shia Houthi forces last year.

The port city of Aden, Yemen’s temporary capital, has been witnessing a state of chaos and lawlessness during the past months resulted in the assassination of Aden’s former governor, several high-ranking security officers and judges.

The turbulent and complicated security situation in Aden and neighbouring southern provinces of Lahj and Abyan is one of the biggest challenges for the Saudi-led Arab coalition forces operating in Aden.

The Saudi-led Arab coalition has dispatched thousands of soldiers from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Sudan and Bahrain into five anti-Houthi southern provinces to support and train local Yemeni security forces there.

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