Slender Loris with Damaged Limbs Gets Loving Care at Pilikula Park

Mangaluru: A Malabar Slender Loris (Loris lyddekerianus malabaricus) – which is popularly called ‘kaaDupaapa’ in Karnataka – was received by Pilikula zoo with a completely necrosed left and partially damaged right forelimb.

It is in a pitiable state as it can not catch hold of its prey or food. This makes it difficult for it to feed on its own.


The animal was sent to the Pilikula zoo by the department of forests officials from Uttar Kannada. Loris are found in evergreen, deciduous and scrub jungles of South India. It is a delicate primate and has been classified as critically endangered.

It is suspected that it could be the gruesome act of witchcraft / black magic which is known to be practised in some parts of Karnataka.

In this practice, the loris is used as medium through which the practitioner is believed to cause harm to the enemy by piercing pins into the live Loris – something similar to voodoo magic.


Sometimes they inflict a lot of wounds on the body and release them in the wild to suffer and finally die.

Now the animal is under vet care in zoo hospital and hand feeding is done. Once the animal stabilizes healthwise, amputation will be conducted if found necessary, says wildlife director H Jayaprakash Bhandary.

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