Snooker: Pankaj Advani pots 6-Red title

Chennai, Aug 30 (IANS) World 6-Red champion Pankaj Advani lived up to his billing by defeating Alok Kumar 7-6 in an absorbing final to annex the title in the MCC-Kumbhat All-India invitational 6-Red snooker tournament here on Sunday.

Earlier, in the semi-finals, Advani overcame Bihar’s Shivam Arora 6-2 while Alok Kumar accounted for Lucky Vatnani (TEL) 6-2.

The results:

Final (best-of-13 frames): Pankaj Advani (PSPB)AbtAAlok Kumar (PSPB)A7-6: 68(68)-0, 37-1, 0-68(68), 0-41, 71(71)-0, 72-0, 36-37, 45-16, 28-13, 9-41, 0-48, 17-39, 39-30.

Semi-final (best-of-11): Advani btAShivam Arora (BIH) 6-2; Alok Kumar bt Lucky Vatnani (Tel) 6-2.

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