Sonia Gandhi to Take Decision on Rahul and Priyanka’s Role in Congress

Sonia Gandhi to Take Decision on Rahul and Priyanka’s Role in Congress

Udupi: “Sonia Gandhi will take a decision on the elevation of Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Vadra as party president. The family will decide on the elevation of Rahul or Priyanka as president. Party leaders have been expressing their opinion but Sonia Gandhi will take the decision, which will be followed by the Congress family,” said Oscar Fernandes at a press meet here, on June 13.

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When asked on the party’s dependence on the Gandhi family, Oscar replied that the Gandhi family has played an important role in shaping the nation. “The Gandhi family’s sacrifices for the nation are remembered by everyone. They are the essence of the Congress party and will remain a guiding force in building the nation.”

“Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Congress VP Rahul Gandhi, CM Siddaramaih and KPCC President Dr Parameshwar have restored their faith in me and have extended their support along with the MLAs, party workers and people,” he added.

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Answering to a question raised by the media on the speculation of him losing the ministerial berth, Minister for Urban Development and Minister in-charge District, Vinay Kumar Sorake replied, “If I lose my ministerial berth, I will effectively fulfill my duties as the MLA and a party worker”. While asked about DySP Anupama Shenoy’s resignation, he declined to answer saying that the matter came under the Home Minister and the reason for her resignation was unknown.

Gopal Poojary, four-time MLA of Byndoor, said, “I have been a four-time MLA and a ministerial berth should be allocated to me. If not, I will still continue to serve my party and my constituency effectively.”

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