Sonia slams PM, asks people to reject those dividing society

Bhagalpur, (PTI): Attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP, Congress President Sonia Gandhi today asked people to reject those who divide society and make false promises and alleged that there was match fixing between his party and the RSS on quota issue.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi. PTI file photo

Addressing her maiden poll rally in Kahalgaon near here for the upcoming Bihar polls, she attacked BJP on the issue of reservation and said her party is committed to the Constitutional policy of quota for SCs/STs and the poor.

Describing Bihar polls as ‘decisive’, Sonia said, “Bihar is at a crucial crossroad. From here will be determined the future of both Bihar and the country. You have to decide whether from here on the country will move towards divisiveness or harmony.”

Kick-starting her party’s poll campaign, she said the Prime Minister is an expert in packaging and repackaging.

“Modi is trying to mislead the people of Bihar. The package he announced is more farcical than real. What is the truth of this package? Prime Minister, an expert in packaging and repackaging, has simply rehashed old schemes of previous governments and presented them as a new package. What not he has said to belittle the people of Bihar,” she said, asking people to choose whether they are with secular forces or those which divide the country.

Raking up RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks on reservation, Sonia, without naming Bhagwat or RSS, said, “There is match fixing going on between Nagpur and BJP. But I want to tell you that Congress is committed to Constitutional provisions on SC, ST and OBC quotas.”

Terming the 15-month rule of Modi as “harmful” for the country, the Congress chief said, “Except for a few corporates no one has benefited”.

“You are all aware of the 15-months’ record of BJP’s policies that have adversely affected the country. Hasn’t unemployment increased, have budget cuts not been made on welfare schemes for women, are farmers getting fair price for their produce,” Sonia said mocking at the NDA alliance as “Bhanumati ka kunba” (coming together of odd forces).

“Put all your strength to defeat such forces who want to divide society, make false promises and who have hurt Bihar’s pride,” she said.

Seeking votes in the name of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, whom she described as an “able CM with a clean image”, she also questioned the PM over his foreign trips taunting him for “spending more time abroad than at home”.

Sonia also charged that Modi was discriminating with opposition chief ministers and states ruled by them and questioned his ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ slogan, asking whether people of such states did not belong to the country.

Sonia said, “Modi is discriminating against opposition chief ministers and the states ruled by them. He talks of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikas’ (development of all), but do people in these states not belong to the country.”

Targeting the Prime Minister on his foreign trips, she said, “Narendra Modi loves going abroad very frequently. He loves embracing famous people but he has no time for the poor. He should go abroad but should stop playing politics of pretension with the people who reposed faith in him.”

Sonia also reminded people of the rising unemployment, budget cuts in social welfare schemes and low MSP for farm produce to ask the gathering at the rally what the Modi rule had yielded for the poor.

Reminding people of the “ill-effects” of 15 months of Modi rule on the country, she exhorted people to put all their strength to defeat NDA, she said, “What all did he not say to belittle the people of Bihar. But he does not know that you are all aware and know about his political intentions.”

Hailing people of the area, where BJP candidates were defeated both in last Lok Sabha polls and assembly bypolls, she said, “You have not believed in the hollow promises of Narendra Modi and have rejected BJP’s policies.”

She said Nitish Kumar is a chief minister with a clean image. She also took a dig at the NDA partners saying, “those who talked of secularism all along are today standing with communal forces”.


  1. Congress has to be run on democratic lines and not as a family fiefdom. Sonia Gandhi lacks education, political training, skills and acumen to run a political party or the nation. Her son. Rahul Gandhi, is a total failure. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are running the Indian National Congress as it is a personal fiefdom and are not accountable to anyone. Both the mother-and-son disappear out of India at will and random and no one knows where they have disappeared and what are they doing abroad. I personally feel that every politician should be accountable and held responsible by the people for the material wealth and fixed assets accumulated by them, the moment they have entered into the world of politics.

    Sonia Gandhi has no oratory skills at all and the only person who may support her is B.N. Pai, an ardent supporter of the Dynasty, who becomes highly intoxicated by just by thinking of them and not necessarily by having spirits. Therefore, he does not have any expense in buying this heady stuff.

    • “B.N. Pai, an ardent supporter of the Dynasty, who becomes highly intoxicated by just by thinking of them…” – Nelson.

      That’s a nice visual!!! Brilliant!! smiles…

  2. Messrs. Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh combine did not run the party and government efficiently and serve the people. They failed miserably on both counts. They have to hold themselves responsible for losing the general elections miserably. Why hold Narendra Modi responsible, when Dr. Singh was in a slumber, took no actions against his ministers and politicians who were involved in scandals, frauds or did not tow the line and did not report to him, but to Sonia Gandhi? If ever Dr. Singh opened his mouth, it was to declare a hike in the price of petrol.

    He did not have the guts to stop Sonia Gandhi from interfering in the workings of the Prime Minister’s Office and he had a Keralite I.A.S. Officer, who was, I assume, his Private Secretary of the Rajasthan Cadre, who was reporting to Sonia Gandhi on everything going on in the PMO, behind Dr. Singh’s back. What is the use of Dr. Singh’s academic background and credentials, when he could not take grip of the situation and shape up his employees and politicians? Forget Dr. Singh having any connect with the people, he did not have any connection with the macho, adventurious and dynamic Sikh community. Even Sikhs, consider him as an odd commodity.

  3. I do not know why Sonia Gandhi does not want to relinquish power and let the seniors run the party in a democratic way?

    In Shashi Tharoor, the Congress has a politician who is an orator in English par excellence. I do not think there is any Indian politician who can surpass him in English. Sadly, Sonia does not like him, like the way she could not stand Narasimha Rao, the architect of India’s liberalisation, who in spite of his deceptive looks was a computer buff and knew 15 languages.

    Sonia Gandhi, a daughter of an Italian, who had gone to England to study English had her life completely transformed where a friend of Rajiv Gandhi took him to a Greek restaurant, where she was working. There is a saying in Urdu, “Allah mehrbaan tow gadha phelwaan.”

  4. How could you cure a disease in 15 short months that was spread and contaminated the whole country. Sonia should be ashamed of her statement and her reservation policy based on caste. Her Government’s reservation policy has transformed India as a less productive country, globally noncompetitive and inefficient. Our lethargic Government sector is a prime example of our reservation policy. I don’t understand why Government should continue reservation for SC and ST even after nearly 70 years of Independence and that is not what was intended by the originators of reservation for SC and ST. You cannot help India progress with reservation policy; India can only progress if it could compete based on skills, ability and productivity, not by sending the inefficient and less skilled people to face global competition. Why special reservation for poor? Why reservation should continue even after 68 years of Independence? Why not our Government institute an Affirmative Action Program that would help all economically disadvantaged people to help themselves in education and jobs. not based on who they are and what religion they belong to. India’s pathetic progress during most part of Congress ruled Government was because of its screwed up policies, not based on national interest, but on personal goals and greediness. India will only progress when all people are treated equally and when reservation system is replaced by Affirmative Action Program.

  5. “Describing Bihar polls as ‘decisive’…” – Report quoting a Tourist who usually spends most of her time watching dusty streets of India from her air-conditioned bungalow!!

    How can it be decisive? It’s just one state! We heard the same thing before Delhi, Maharashtra and AP elections!! The only decisive thing is national level election and we all know the results!!!

    Also, while I agree that Pradhaana Sevaka is running out of time in some areas to show results, it is certainly not fair to expect miracles in 15 months!! Especially when you look at how dysfunctional our society and political system are!! He has to cleanup the mess left by decades of congress rule!!

    • Especially when you look at how dysfunctional our society and political system are! – Rampa

      Wow….. you sure are learning a BIT about India.

      Well, sport a monogrammed suit and strut around. Wave your left hand. Gift 1 Billion USD to Mongolia! After all, those guys are gonna give us Dassault Rafale Fighter Jets to fight the Pakis! Right?

      Talk about the ‘digital divide’ and cut off the net in J & K. Beg Marky Zuky to provide Whatsapp to impoverished fellas in some remote outposts of the US…. I mean…. Akhanda Bharatha.

      Say NOT a word when a man is killed for whatever he is alleged to have eaten/stored in his fridge.

      Set a date to fly to Singaaaapoooora. 🙂

      Is this what you mean by “how dysfunctional our society and political system are!”?

      And, when you talk about “society”, are you talking about your MASTERS in the US? Or the Chaddi MASTERS in India?

      How do you manage to jump to two different tunes?

      Any rebuttal? Some “shock and AWE”. pl?

      • Remember – You are not proving anything by bringing up unrelated references to Doddanna in every response. If it shows anything, it is your ‘bhagna swapna’ that continues to haunt you even after 20 yrs!!

        • If it shows anything, it is your ‘bhagna swapna’ that continues to haunt you even after 20 yrs!!- Rampa

          Not 20 years ya Rampa! Your Pradhana Sevaka’s visa was initially revoked only in 2005 and that amounts to only some 10 years or so!

          ಈರ್ ಲೆಕ್ಕ ಮಲ್ಪೆರೆ ಒಂಚ್ಚೂರು ಪಿರ ಆತೆ ಧನಿ? ಮಲ್ಲ ಇಜ್ಜಿ.

          ಮಂಗಳೂರು ವಿಮಾನ ನಿಲ್ಧಾನ ದ ಬಗ್ಗೆ ಇರ್ನ ನ್ಯೂಸ್ ಭಯಂಕರ up to date ಬೊಕ್ಕ ಆಕ್ಯುರೇಟ್ ಉಂಡು. More often than not, EVEN before a passenger boards a taxi to board his plane in Dubai, our ಜಾಸೂಸ್ ರಾಂಪ notifies customs officials MIA on Whatsapp! 🙂

          Anyway, let us not focus too much on your extracurricular activities. our Pradhana Sevaka sure hasn’t forgotten his ಭಗ್ನ ಸ್ವಪ್ನ. That surely explains why he keeps working on his Frequent Flier program.

          By the way, since you are highly placed in the ಚಡ್ಡಿ ಸಂಗ, after Singapore, where is he headed next? To Ethiopia to ink the deal for some two and a half dozen Nuclear Subs?

          • Dear Praveena Pinto,
            I can understand why everything confuses your simple mind these days!! I wasn’t referring to Pradhaana Sevaka as he has no issue traveling to Doddanna and meeting with President or top CEOs. I was referring to your sad situation!! His visa was ‘revoked’ in 2005 only to be approved again with an invitation to whitehouse!! LOL LOL LOL On the other hand, you never really got a visa to be revoked!! Well, enjoy your stay in Mangaluru outskirts with slow internet connection. At least, you can still google!! LOL

          • His visa was ‘revoked’ in 2005 only to be approved again with an invitation to whitehouse!! LOL LOL LOL On the other hand, you never really got a visa to be revoked!! – RampaNNA

            Hiihihihihihi….. Joker Rampa, do you REALLY need to smash Alsande Pie on your face time and again, eh? Where is the proof of my “rejected” yumreeki visa? Arre, you say work for some Alsande Gule co in Cupertino. You must be HIGHLY stressed like Mr. Lawrence says of you. All that hard work… sweat shop… Man…….. try some NICE deo. Or, do you STILL refer Ponds talcum powder? 🙂

            For selling armaments, the US will deal with the Devil too! To eff Indians, they will pay paltry sum for the Bhopal Tragedy For the DW Horizon…. awwwww.. 18 frigging billion. Top US newspapers report that even geriatrics in the US brought a rowing boat and claimed damages for “lost revenue/whatever”.

            And hey… you left me high n dry about the US’ will to deal with “peaceful” folks (and forks and knives)……

            Herr Rampa……. Just pull on your Chaddis…. wear your topi. And hey….. don’t forget your LAthi…. strut around….

            Sher Rampa is prowling the streets of Ca. Wow… everybody’s safe and sound…

  6. Dear readers,
    By now we know what are the strong points of PM Modi and what are his weak points. He is very good at showmanship , being a salesman, doing marketing, hyping up his talk while concealing the hard realities, pretending that problems do not exist in India etc. Also his heart and mind and spirit is definitely not in working in hard conditions, removing economic hardships of people or actually implementing solutions to problems. He wants to be in the company of rich, famous and powerful people and conduct lobbying with them. He is also very fond of living well, and living the good life in western countries. He believes that he has the ability to manipulate people by hook or by crook.
    Hence with so many modern communications tools like Internet, email, videos, Skype, phones, videoconferencing etc available today he can just live in say New York and run the govt from a distance through the modern communication tools. He can give more saucy speeches that can be shown in India through Skype frequently on TV, without the need to be present there in person all the time. Whenever there is election in any state in India he can go there to hold rallies and give fiery speeches. He can attend parliament also by Skype . Most BJP MPs being his bhakts, he can manipulate them to not object to this style, as he is doing now.
    Living in U.S. He can do a lot of lobbying with US govt, American leaders, multinational corporations etc to invest in India. He can also frequently visit many western countries from New York as they are nearer compared to from distant India. Living in New York he can be on international TV programs very frequently and can also run his own “Acche Din ” TV show to project his “good time” visions about India. In New York he can also have access to superior designer clothes and it will be easier for him to paint his star image.
    His current strategy of never holding press conference with independent media with Question & Answer sessions is working very well for him. Instead he should develop a circle of media personalities who are always friendly to him and do publicity for him but never ask any real questions.
    As to his policies he should just ask the wealthy and famous Indian and foreign industrialists as to what kind of contracts they want. And give them those contracts without competition, and formulate policies by ordinances without discussion in the parliament. Whenever an inconvenient question is asked he should bring up the past rule of Congress and other parties and start blasting them for having created all problems that are there in India now. If things ever get hot for him politically he should ask his favourite ministers who have organized communal riots in India to do it in some cities. And ask his media friends to give one sided coverage of the events absolving his ministers, chief ministers and officers (who were in jail for committing crimes) and whom he has released and reinstated in important positions.
    This is a sure Win-Win strategy for PM Modi. “Acche Din” for him, his friends and rich & famous and powerful people of India. As to serious problems in India and the majority population: Well, these problems have been created by other parties and will always be there. Why should anyone blame him for them or make him responsible to resolve them.

    Jai Hind

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