South Korean sends her mother corpse of new-born baby

Seoul, June 5 (IANS) A South Korean woman sent a package to her mother, containing the corpse of a new-born which could be the former’s baby, police of the south-western city of Naju reported on Friday.

A woman, 59, went to the police after receiving a package containing the corpse of a female new-born with the umbilical cord still joined to the body, a police spokesperson confirmed to Efe news agency.

Closed circuit cameras at Naju post office, from where the package was sent, revealed that it was apparently her daughter, 35, who sent the package.

Some believe that the baby inside the parcel was the daughter of the woman who sent it, though the police refused to confirm this detail.

The alleged sender of the package left her parents house five years ago and since then her family lost touch with her, according to the Naju police.

Authorities did not say if the woman has been detained and refused to provide more information about the case.

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