Space for films about Indian woman: Leena Yadav

Space for films about Indian woman: Leena Yadav

Mumbai, Sep 20 (IANS) “Parched” director Leena Yadav says that there is space for films on Indian woman and her latest movie is one such example.

“There is space for many films about the Indian woman. Mine is one of them. Strong cinema on such theme can only be a good sign for the changing attitude towards women in our society,” said Yadav.

“‘Parched’ is my deepest innermost expression,” she added.

“Parched” takes us right into the heartless heartland where women are still treated as the inferior sex and delves into the lives of four rural women in Rajasthan. The film celebrates the strength of sisterhood and the power of combating misogyny.

The Ajay Devgn produced film is set in Rajasthan and was shot by no less than Russel Carpenter, the cinematographer of James Cameron’s “Titanic”.

The film is co-produced by a very accomplished Indian cinematographer Aseem Bajaj who has shot Devgn’s “Golmaal” films.

“Parched” that was screened at several International film festivals has also got thumbs up by many International websites who credited the film for its attentive writing and sturdy performances”

So how will “Parched” perform at the Indian box office?

“Its prospects depends on word of mouth like ‘Pink’ which saw jump in numbers with strong word of mouth. It remains to be seen how multiplexes extend their support to the film because of Ajay Devgn.

“The film has many international awards and recognitions to its credit and is likely to bepatronised by high end multiplex audience,” said trade analyst Atul Mohan.

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