Spider Boy


""Name:  Kevin D’Souza
Age : 9 years
Father’s Name:  Stany D’Souza
Mother’s Name:  Lynette D’Souza
Sister: Rovina D’Souza
Place of Residence: Dubai

Kevin is studying in Grade 4 at St. Mary’s High School, Dubai.  He loves Singing and has bagged many prizes in Konkani Singing competitions. He also loves to play cricket & karate.

My sister says i am a very good story teller, so i wrote one for you!

Spider Boy

I was a Spider, creeping and crawling on the walls.  I was making spider webs to catch my prey.  My spider web was big made of silky, sticky threads.  It took me a lot of time to carefully make it.  Finally it was done.  I now made a kind of trap door from the silky threads and put a piece of sticky string to trap my prey.  I waited anxiously for my prey to arrive.  Then I felt a vibration & heard the sound ‘trrrk trrrk..’ a fly had entangled on the silky string.  Now came the signal that my dinner was ready.  I quickly came out and pounced on my scrumptious meal.  I sat quietly waiting for my next prey.  Suddenly there came a swarm of flies and got stuck on my web.  I was extremely happy & started rejoicing and playing happily jumping from one string to the other.  That meal lasted me for many days.

As I was playing & enjoying myself on the web, I heard my name being called "Kevin, Kevin, wake up!  Its time to go to school or else you will miss the bus!!"  I quickly woke up and sat on my bed.  I then realised I was dreaming about spiders as I read about spiders before going to bed.  I was so happy I was not a spider after all, and had not eaten any flies!! 

~Kevin D’Souza