SP’s quitting shows it was desperate: BJP legislator

Patna, Sep 3 (IANS) The Samajwadi Party walking out of the Janata Parivar shows “how desperate and over ambitious” it was, said a BJP legislator on Thursday.

“The act of Samajwadi Party shows how desperate and over ambitious the parties were in the alliance. All of them had come together just for the sake of their personal benefits,” senior state BJP legislator Arun Sinha told IANS soon after the SP pulled out of the Janata Parivar alliance.

He said: “Chief Minister Nitish Kumar cheated everyone, including the BJP and the people of Bihar for his own political benefits. He forgot that the mandate he got in 2010 was for ‘NDA’ and not for his party alone,” Sinha said here.

The Samajwadi Party, unhappy over the seat sharing for the upcoming elections, on Thursday walked out of the Janata Parivar and decided to contest the Bihar elections on its own.

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