SRS demands to withdraw cases filed in Bondanthila St Thomas School Incident

SRS demands to withdraw cases filed in Bondanthila St Thomas School Incident

Udupi: The Sri Rama Sene  demanded the government to withdraw all cases, lodged against its leaders in connection with the incident of St Thomas School Bondanthila Mangaluru, in a press meet held at Udupi press club here on August 5.


Addressing the mediapersons district president of Udupi district Sri Rama Sene Mohan Bhat said that many parents of the children have complained to Sri Rama Sene that Arabic and Urdu languages were forcibly taught in the school. The school authorities did not take any official permission from the education department. There is provision to teach the language of any single religion in Aided schools. The school is receiving aid from the state government.

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The Local Sri Rama Sene members had only visited the school and asked for clarification from the school headmaster about the teaching of Arabic and Urdu languages. The members of the Sene had not barged into the school nor did they create any fear among the students and teaching staff. The School headmaster has filed false complaints against our leaders and activists. Sri Rama Sene is always opposing the illegal activities like the teaching of Arabic and Urdu languages in schools. We have decided to continue our fight legally against the school in the coming days. he added.

He also demanded to withdraw all the cases filed against their leaders in connection with the incident and settle the issue.


Mohan Bhat also condemned the lathi charge by the police during protests against Mahadayi water dispute tribunal for rejecting Karnataka’s request for an interim order allowing to draw 7.56 tmc of drinking water under the Kalasa Banduri drinking water project. He also demanded the release around 180 farmers who were arrested in Navalgund after the violence, and to withdraw cases booked against them.

Jayaram Ambekallu (District Co-ordinator), Dinesh Salian (District general secretary), Jagadish Ameen (Secretary), Avinash (Karkala Taluk President), Santhosh Kotian (general secretary Karkala) and others were present.


  1. These idiots don’t know how they don’t have any right to step into a private property without any permission. They could have asked for permission before barging into school campus!! This is hilarious.

  2. Every schools must offer students to learn Arabic language. They should also offer to teach Quran, Bible, Bhagavath Geetha or any other religious teachings, if the enough students are interested. Criminal intimidation by communal organizations should be dealt with Goonda Act. Let these Sene start their own schools and teach the students whatever they like. Leave others alone.

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