State-level Jackfruit mela attracts good crowd

State-level Jackfruit mela attracts good crowd

Udupi: A large number of people thronged the state-level jackfruit mela that was inaugurated by Shree Vishweshatheertha Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar Math along with Shree Vishwaprasannatheertha Swamiji of Pejawar Math and Pramod Madhwaraj (district minister in-charge Udupi) at Rajangana of Shree Krishna Math. Visitors were particularly curious to taste the different varieties of this fruit.

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Shivaratri Halasu, Ekadashi Halasu, Kempu Rudrakshi Halasu, Chandra Halasu, Bangarada Halasu and Bilinaamada Halasu were on display as well as sale at the jackfruit mela organised by the Agriculture and Horticulture University Shivamogga, Krishi Vijana Kendra Brhamvara and Shree Keshetra Dhramasthala Rural Development Project Udupi jointly.

Stalls selling mouth watering dishes were the cynosure of all eyes. Various jackfruit eatables, made of tender jackfruit by a home industry from Koppa, were among the attractions at the mela. A total 20-25 stall were put up, which attracted sellers from across the district. Jams, squashes, chips, juices and roasted seeds were on also sale.

Farmers who visited the mela provided information on the varieties of jackfruit plants. Saplings of several of jackfruit also were sold.

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The two-day mela features 20-25 stalls where jackfruit growers, self-help groups, and other associations display fruits and their products. From papads to boiled jackfruit seeds to sweet rotis made from jackfruit, the pungent aroma of the fruit permeated throughout the venue.

There will be a session on demonstration of value added products from jackfruit, ‘Importance of jackfruits’ and ‘Need for constituting jackfruit growers association’.
Tubagere Jackfruit Growers’ Association president M G Ravikumar said to media persons that it is high time that jackfruit and its value added products are popularised so that rural people can generate a sustained income.

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