Statewide Polio Vaccination to Include Injections

Statewide Polio Vaccination to Include Injections

Mangaluru: District Health Officer, Dr Ramakrishna Rao held a press meet at his office here, on April 1.


Addressing the media persons, Dr Rao said that India was declared as free from polio by the WHO and the only nations affected by polio were Pakistan and Afghanistan. “The constant fear of relapse of polio in India is always present due to the proximity of the affected nations. India has adopted the ‘Polio Eradication & Endgame Strategic Plan 2013-2018’ and will include Karnataka on April 7, which is observed as the World Health Day,” he said.

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Dr Rao further said that Inactivated Polio Vaccination (IPV) will be administered to toddlers via 0.1 ml injection. The oral vaccination will be administered to the child on the 6, 10 and 14th week after birth whereas IPV will be administered only on 6th and 14th week after birth. “The injection is not a replacement for the oral vaccine, but for a stronger immunity against polio, both oral and injectable vaccinations are necessary,” he added.

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